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I really haven't paid attention or have much clue what Google TV is, but I've seen a commercial a few times over the last several weeks for "the first TV powered by google" The ad rather prominently showed this enormous fricking remote control, about the size of an iPad, only thicker and made of cheap grey plastic, which looked like it must have close to 100 buttons on it. Really? This is going to be successful?? Does anyone know the ad I'm talking about?
Are you sure? Because you've made plenty of posts just like that that weren't. Classics such as "Apple will release a TV by end of 2008. Fact!"
Not at all. I think those things are rather likely to happen. I'm saying that, by definition, it is all speculation. Some speculation is more reasoned than others, but until the product comes out, it is speculation. Stating things as fact like "double the RAM" is simply silly. I find the imprecise use of language grating.
As Ireland alluded, Apple has never shown they give a crap about recent purchasers feeling "shafted." In the instances where this occurs, a familiar formula is followed: 1) Apple releases an unexpected/earlier than usual hardware upgrade. 2) Various message boards get an influx of new members, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth is had. 3) Within two or three weeks everyone has forgotten about it, because 99% of the population doesn't give a shit.
Versus your well-sourced and indisputable facts?
I think his logic is pretty simple. His assertion is that a 7" iPad is limited to apps that are as complex as a 3.5 iPod/Phone can handle, and cannot give a proper user experience for more complex apps that are designed exclusively for a 10" iPad. So what is the point of a 7" model? You might as well just have an iPhone. Sure, some people would like the exact same experience, just on a bigger screen, but Jobs thinks that number is pretty small.
I think you are being way too optimistic. March at the earliest, and I would be shocked if it happened then. My guess would be somewhere between June and November of next year.
You're bad at math.
I hope they are making plastics too. Sorry, only a few old-timers will get that one.
I also think this is a possibility. My MBP is three years old now, and when I replace it next year I'm planning on getting an iMac and an iPad instead of a laptop.
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