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Preparation is now a grounds for criticism??
I don't know what the methodology of the survey was, but 350 is not that small of a sample size. If the methodology was good, a sample size of 350 can give you a pretty good stats.
Is it going to fix air tunes, which iTunes 9 broke on my machine? Sadly, I think the answer will be no.
Awesome. One of the first things that crossed my mind was how bad I wanted to see omnioutliner and omnigraffle on the iPad.
I stand by my contentions but you are correct that I should not have used the term Xenocide. It was thrown at me and I threw it back.
But if you're sitting in a chair (like Jobs was in his presentation) or lounging on the couch (as seen in the promo video), it's pointed right at your face.
Sadly, he utterly refuses. It gets him attention. Best to just put him on ignore.
They have an adaptor so you can connect a digital camera. I'm also looking forward to rev. 2
Excellent points. I won't be in the market for a new computer for another year and a half or so, but when I do, it's going to be goodbye laptop, hello iMac / iPad combo.
So, now the iPad is here and has it's own version of iWork. What mac apps do you want to see have iPad versions? The two the come right off the top of my head are Omnioutliner and Omnigraffle.
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