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It looks pretty nice to me. I look forward to purchasing a gen 2 next year when I'll be working again. Hopefully it will have an iSight by then. The lack of video conferencing is really the only bummer for me.
It's eminently possible Apple authorized him to 'leak' this info.
Huh? I honestly don't know what Floorjack was driving at (and subsequently don't know what you are driving at); I just recognized the reference. Who was he insulting? Me? Hiro? I really don't know.
You too, Bean.
You have poor reading comprehension. You just proved that I did not personally condone or implied that I condoned xenocide; I was clearly writing about what I thought would have logically happened in the world the film had created to that point, not what I thought was personally right or wrong. I mean, for crying out loud, you even bolded the phrase "in the context of the film" for me! If you can't read, I can't help you.
21 hours, 53 minutes left to be stuck in the elevator. Will the fire department reach the stranded in time, or will they find a horrid scene of cannibalism?
1 day, 14 hours, 55 minutes
Pizzas are now the way an individual socializes with the community? If the only individuals in this world were college students, then perhaps that would be true. Families have pizza nights. Here's a good ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id6cyWbPGvI
How is that proving me completely wrong? Sadly, I can't find the Jeff Goldblum imac ad where he was advertising a payment plan where you could get an iMac for the price of three pizzas a month. Heck, even in that video he's talking about home networking. Just because individual starts with I doesn't mean it wasn't targeted at families.
The original iMac was positioned as a family product.
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