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at&t sucks
If Navigon software sells for $69.99 (or $99.99), then TomTom should not sell the whole thing for more than $99 or $129.
and what da heck happened to that iPhone app for iDisk? I thought it was gonna be released when 3.0 was rolled out.
is that old .Mac serial still valid?
http://apcmag.com/site/wp-content/up...-Huang-350.gif mugshot of the assailant
Palm's Pre-Empty-ive strike has failed I guess.
so If I go to China and post something on iPhone fanboy site, will Appleinsider post my take?
is it just me or Safari has been weird since this update?
if Apple introduces Celeron powered MB for $999 and then rips me off by offering new C2D MB for $1199, I will be an angry man. Celeron is garbage.
iPhone's problems are more than anything related to AT&T. overall performance of blackberries on Verizon network is just unmatched. Voice quality is so much better on BB (somewhat because of verizon network). plus, they are aimed at different markets. One is not better than the other. iPhone is targeted more for everyday consumer use with heavy emphasis on media features, whereas BB is aimed more for businessmen with heavy emphasis on emails and security. I...
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