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so is smaller size mean faster running?
me want some HBO world championship boxing
that pretty much means no redesign.
my 2 cents for MBA: 1. I am not all that hot for the design of the MBA, contrary to many. Other than it being really thin, I don't find it all that pretty or good looking. I still like the design of MBP more. 2. I am not so sure about using 1.8 inch HD. Didn't Apple tell people that using iPod as a HD for computer is not really a good idea and it may damage the HD down the road? 3. If Apple is billing the computer as wireless centric notebook, I find it confusing...
interestingly the only major apple products I don't see in the pictures is macbook and macbook pro. Gosh I am being desperate. Let us get some new MBP
is there that much difference between GMA950 and GMAx3100?
is the beta version which can be downloaded right now essentially same as what will be included in Leopard?
i wonder what the size of each backup file would be...
Valve can keep their motion-sickness inducing game between their ass. For gaming, I will play my xbox360 and wii
i can see why he is angry. iPhone with $200 price cut now has competitive price against those Chinese fake iPhones.
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