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looks like we might get new MBPs in January. MBs won't see Penryn update.....me thinks it's going to be SR update to MB line on January. Remember, it's not about how much it costs to buy chips to put in those books. it's about how to differentiate the market to be effective in both MB and MBP markets
nobody surfs on the net using phones for 2-3 straight hours. I think Jobs misses that point. it's usually a quick search and done. to me what he said at London is just to sell some more iPhones.
how fast is 3G compared to 2.5G?
.99 for a song is reasonable compared to .99 for TV episodes. you have to understand the difference here. TV episodes are usually after it was broadcast on TV. the value of re-viewing the TV episode is significantly less than listening to a song again. with that said, if TV networks are unwilling to go down to .99, I will be more than happy to see them cut the price to $1.29 to $1.49 range. also, cutting into DVD market doesn't necessarily mean TV networks will...
if you bought iPhone on Tuesday, then I feel your pain (you can probably get $200 back though). but if you bought iPhone like 2 months ago, then what da hell is there to complain about? it is so obvious that Apple shouldn't be giving refunds. maybe I should ask for refunds on some of the macs I bought which went down in price after 2-3 years. I don't see anything wrong with what Jobs is doing here.
like couple weeks ago Woot.com was selling white Zune for $149. that's about the right price.
it went down 6.35% as of right now. it went down to pre-iPhone hype point. i wonder if Piper still thinks Apple stock will hit $200 by end of 2008
i think Apple's business strategy is changed in a way that forces consumer to "configure using us or else." I don't see Apple ever releasing cheap customizable tower, especially with the switch to Intel. if Apple was still using IBM chips then I can kinda see them building a cheap tower because 3rd party customization option is slim to none. with Intel chip it's easy. my prediction: $1199 20 inch 2.2ghz 1gb RAM 250HD 8600 128mb $1499 20...
Apple will NEVER give .Mac for free. they might add some features but never for free. .Mac is by far the worst Apple product existing right now. they better make some serious upgrade or I am not going to renew. My renewal comes up in 40 days.
i thought they meant some electronic dictionary for English deficient people.
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