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damn it so many idiotic investors driving Apple stock down by selling. I lost 10% of value last 2 days. Apple stock has become almost as volatile as the junk stocks in recent months.
there is no way Eight Mile just sued Apple only. I think they sued Apple AND Universal. i can't see any culpability on Apple's end. Maybe Universal. by the way, his music sucks. I am tired of his antics too. He is nothing but a bit more talented Vanilla Ice.
i guess this was why Apple.com was down earlier.
you know what happened to Apple stock when Apple actually acknowledged the delay? it went down almost 4-5%. that's what Apple feared about.
they have been hit and miss but mostly hit recently.
in the mean time, Limewire just released 4.0.
man I need to get a job at Apple.
who knows? we might see 30 inch iMac in next event (along with price drop of 30inch ACD). I actually believe that new iMacs might coincide with new ACD to have consistent pricing.
it's several things. iPhone release is one thing, Analyst rating increases demand among buyers, and Apple's quarterly profit report would be another thing. but most importantly, it's profit.
this is NOT competitively priced. 40gb is too small. If it had router functions then it would be competitive. Not right now.
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