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oh no. this board and other forum will be devoured with "POWERBOOK G6 COMING TUESDAY" bs.
my question has always been the speed comparison when using airport express vs. airport extreme N. Many reviews will say there is little difference if any, but I wanna see the numbers.
exactly how fast is the 3G stuff in real life?
the focus of ultraportable is the WEIGHT, not just the size. wouldn't you rather have 13'' notebook that weighs in at 2.5lbs over 10'' notebook that weighs in at 2.5lbs (like Sony T series)?
I think it may look like that Sony Vaio X505 notebook.....that is still the thinnest notebook I have ever seen. http://reviews.cnet.com/Sony_VAIO_X5...-30886049.html
i wonder if that means some improvement on .Mac......this has been by far the worst product Apple has available right now.
i was getting annoyed by fanboys crying for Santa Rosa MBPs for months. Hopefully this will end soon. (plus I think most of those fanboys who cry for certain products never buy them once they hit the market anyway. They are just annoying).
if they are not going to subsidize it, then the least they can do is to give free internet connectivity.
i hope Jobs don't waste developer's time with iPhone presentation rehash....maybe this will mean he will at least showcase Leopard's secret features. and maybe there will be some hardwares coming too. probably MBP, iMacs and Minis.
it almost sounds like Apple is biting more than it can chew.
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