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uh....does he know that people are NOT supposed to make a call while driving?
Isn't this feature already in Vista or something? Maybe I am misunderstanding the whole concept...
i think asking for DRM free file at $0.99 is just too much. remember, EMI is taking a HUGE risk by doing this. kudos to EMI for showing some guts to actually try this. Remember, stripping DRM also has an impact on iTunes sales too. It probably isn't huge but Apple could lose a little bit of market here.
is Photoshop one of the things being presented at NAB? if so, Leopard will come then.
maybe chin will be gone. but what I really want in new iMac would be touch screen.
since I work in Wall Street and it's that easy to write an article like that by just surfing web here and there, I should work as an analyst i guess.
gamers are playing games right now and have no time to read this post. I believe ATV probably will allow you to play those games purchased for iPods. you can probably use remote for it too without much problem.
my prediction for specs core 2 duo 1.67ghz 1gb ram 32gb Flash drive (this might be split into two drives like typical Vaio notebooks) no graphics card 10 inch wide screen isight 2 USB, 1 FW400 (and maybe slots for memory cards) Superdrive (probably not the DL) LED based screen lighting 4 hr practical battery life (probably listed as "upto 7 hrs" for the price of....$1999. IT COSTS MORE TO STAY THIN. that's true for human beings as well...
of course it will come with integrated graphics. otherwise, who would buy MBP? remember that MB is for consumers and MBP is for prosumers.
it is not as bad of a design as it seems. the rumor was that this "ultraportable (UP)" notebook was to have flash drives as the main storage drive. moving bodies up and down and flipping wouldn't damage the drive, although that was the case when Apple implemented shock-proof hard drive anyway. and if this is such a bad design, where can you actually put the drive? this is the most logical choice. Also, because this is supposed to be very light, it wouldn't require you...
New Posts  All Forums: