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why not do that @phone too? this was waiting to happen. I can't believe Apple was naive to think that Cisco was just gonna let them use "iphone" knowing the tremendous impact Apple's new product has placed in the phone market in just one day.
the fact that this AppleTV cannot serve as a wireless router function is a major bummer IMO. the products announced are very promising but it feels incomplete because keynote didn't say much about macs and ipods (except for iphone). I was really looking forward to Leopard update. Interesting how all the items Apple announced won't be available for couple months.
come on you nerds, the point is you understood what the writer said. this is not Writings 101 in college. AI's job is to give us some "inside" information on upcoming Apple products and etc. AI's job is not get an A+ on grammar and spelling.
one reason i can give you is that, while this does not charge MB battery, it is a lot less bulkier than Kensington one. Kensington one requires you to hook adapter on it; Apple one works without one. less dangling of wires. of course, that probably is not the strongest reason to get one.
uh....can someone actually tell me what da heck this means? i suppose it's a good thing but I have no idea what it actually does or what it is talking about.
didn't we have all these features in Bootcamp 1.1?
what da **ck? fine, I will fly Asiana to go to Korea then. I will miss smokin hot stewardesses in Korean Air though.
well it would be great to watch movies on a 23'' iMac but the problem is that it would look terrible if you download movies to watch on 23'' iMac. it would be great watching it with DVD but not with iTunes movie service. so it's an irony.
"It's Showtime" that is pretty obvious indicator that movie DL service is coming.
does anyone know how the sound quality for files transmitted by bluetooth?
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