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yes there are some 19 and 21 inch monitors that are widescreen. and here is my prediction for whatever mac that is: 17 inch widescreen 1.66ghz core solo 40gb HD integrated video (well this is pretty obvious) 512mb ram no wireless tech slot loading combo drive for price of $799
i will just stick with netflix. thank you.
i don't think our friends in Africa would appreciate that comment.
i am not too sure about magnet closure because this laptop is not going to be heavy. when the base is heavy it is not too difficult to open it but when it is light it gets rather difficult to open. and assuming this article is true, this pretty much does it for macbook pro 12 inch ones. I have been thinking that Apple will offer something like $999 macbook with 1.67ghz core SOLO 40gb HD 64mb vram isight and those other typical goodies. $1499 macbook with...
BATTERY LIFE is about 3 hours and 20 minutes. I have one and after one-time calibration process I was getting 3 hours 20 minutes with the screen at the brightest setting and some websurfing. and it should improve as LiPo battery gets improved.
my my....Madonna iPod will be announced!!! the wheel will be in skin color and button will be in nipple color.
I dunno who makes decisions for RIAA but they might be some of the stupidest people in the World. They think jacking up the price won't affect ITMS with the idea that over 60% of mp3 market is owned by Apple and people would buy no matter what. Well, guess what? people buy songs from ITMS because of the PRICE as well as it being compatible with iPods. I think song price would go up to $1.49. the whole album would be uniform-priced at $12.99 IMO. a VERY BAD MOVE. I...
i have a gut feeling that it will be g5 powerbook...but only in 17 inch version. i still don't think g5, even with the new processor, would be cool enough to have it in 12 inch one. also i noticed that powerbook 15 and 17 inch ones have been inconsistent in wait time recently...it goes back and forth between "same business day" to "2-4 days"
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