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No sarcasm here. I am sure that Siri will have an edge. I actually would have bought the new Iphone had it featured a couple more innovations like a better/bigger screen. As is now, the Galaxy S2 set a new standard.
You are right, that where the magic Apple pixie dust comes in.
Google voice search and/or Vlingo have been around for some time and on my new Galaxy S2 work great. Example: I say "Navigate to nearest CVS Pharmacy" and presto. So far the iPhone does not even have navigation built in. Or "Whats the capital of Austria"? But I am sure Apple managed to polish voice input up a bit and add some bells and whistles.
the emperor has no clothes!
hello Einstein, forget that ebays charges like 10% and paypal takes a cut too???
32 gb wifi version, yeah!
Once again Balmer + Microsoft prove that they know as much about being innovative as i know about weaving baskets. They had THE chance to up the ante by showing off the 'courier' device but no, window 7 (yawn!) on some clunky tablet hardware by HP and Archos. Who know, they are probably incapable of actually producing a device like that. And I wonder if Bill is kicking himself in the butt for having left the store with a nutjob like Balmer in charge. Probably not....
anybody in their right mind will not believe any of the assurances and hype in connection with cloud computing. would you store your most valued possessions with a stranger just because they claim to do all to protect your stuff? the incidents where all went wrong should be a warning. do not do this just because some companies and the main stream media tell you its the best thing since sliced bread.
...at this point tom tom can take their totally overpriced car kit it shove it where the sun don't shine. talk about prima donnas! first they tease everybody forever with the launch date, then the contraption is like 3 times overpriced. i guess their bone head marketing guys don't read the news or they would know that google will put them out of business real soon.
apple is slowly becoming 'holier than the pope' in the sense of not wanting to offend anybody, anywhere, anytime. another example of so-called 'political correctness gone mad'.
New Posts  All Forums: