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src= http://www.t-mobile.nl/iphone/faq.html
Yeah.. the iPhone plan/contract here in the netherlands is very sweet. But i am allready a T-Mobile customer, and i CAN'T upgrade to an iPhone, and some other telco's do/did offer an iPhone upgrade deal for their own customers. and that plain sucks!\ I hope T-Mobile NL changes it's mind about their own customers, for the time being... i'm stuck with my blackberry till 2010.
Is that a MBA drive attached to an TV? is that even possible? (apparently the one stacked under the TV*) *i seriously hate that product's name
I use safari as my main webbrowser... and yes... i have FireFox aswell.. but i find safari to be more snappy than firefox. since a while ago... i tested the beta of safari 3... and i didn't like it that much... so i uninstalled (and trashed it) and went back to safari 2 and before the beta... i used to have the nav buttons on my mouse pre-set/pogrammed as "command+left arrow" and "command+right arrow", which i used to nav through the tabs And sometimes... i used...
I dunno about the previous generation...i've washed mine in the dishwasher... need to wash the 2nd keyboard... i only hate the waiting part... =/
i hope that this one is dishwasher safe like the current one.
(but seriously... i thought it was a YouTube film?)
Ehm... I used it yesterday to track a flight in Europe. From Spain to the Netherlands to be exactly. Edit: hehe... i misread it... Yeah... you're right... it doesn't show the plane's location... though it does show the time schedule... and apparently all the planes are on time!
Who cares how it looks... it's a about functionality! besides, it would be like a Cintiq... 1024 levels of pressure sensativity! Very Nice, but i don't think it will work. I have an Intous 3 tablet (but no Macbook/powerbook) and you can put something under it and if you apply pressure it will work. as long it's under 6 mm i believe. And i tried this with a cd case and it worked... then again, i tried it with my DS lite and it only worked on the plastic side...(i used...
I know you can go to the store (an Apple Centre) and order a BTO mac right there (and get it right away), but then again... I've never been to an Apple Store, only to Apple Centres b/c there are no Apple Stores in the Netherlands
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