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I thought nr 3 could be automated with a bit of code.
It was offered by an ISP. But it didn't had that much of a succes (actually almost none). Besides... VoiP is the future in truly multiplatform. I thought one of the "next-gen" consolses will have VoiP support. And not to mention Vista with the Live stuff... no more crappy MSN substitute (Adium is nice... but sometimes it's kinda f•cked, and don't get me started on aMSN). And iChat for windows would totally suck. Everybody here in europe would never change... why change to...
thanx for the help. got it running... Pretty strange though that there isn't an "official" release of the Flash player.
I recently installed Flash Proffesional, and at the end of the installation it aksed me if I wanted to install the latest Flash plug-in for my browsers. So I installed the plug-in, and everything flash on any website is totally screwed... I went to the adobe site to check out the latest Flash plug-in, and apparently it still isn't UB. It says, If you have to run safari in Rosetta to get Flash working, how come everything worked before I installed the plug-in and not...
One thing is for sure... the chin is there because of design... it's not like they couldn't fit everything at the back of the machine (e.g. Powerbook 12")
perhaps the fact that's a single core mini? I thought rosseta was multi-thread-thingy... and perhaps that's what it makes it so slow on the Solo Mini vs Core Duo well... i don't know.. My experience with office is that it has always been slow... The only thing that it does fast is quiting... command+q is fast as lightning... I'm running it on an Intel iMac + 512 MB ram
Why?!... the iMac is awesome! And that thing about the powerbutton is just plain rubbish, both powerbuttons are at the back of the machine. And if you want to plug other peripherals to the "hub" located in the back of the Cinema Display... you have to do the same handling just like with the iMac. And do you get that awesome feature with magnets to attach the remote to the side? No... so you'll probably lose the damn remote that costs £19. What about the...
it's not really the macbook black... but a more nicer darker aluminum case... I do remember from the "MacBook Pro Mock-Up thread" that Sunil would have liked a darker aluminum case. So I gave this a try.
It'll probably be the same case... and the X-ray shows the other chip. (not really but still).
But can you actualy use it on yr lap. Or is it REALY hot as all the others say?
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