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Yeah... that one is awesome... 21 inch of touchscreen heaven. too bad it costs more than 2 (NOTE: TWO!!!) 17" iMac Core Duo
totally agree on that one. tablets are the best. Not a big fan of the MM. sometimes the right click doesn't register and the trackball gets way too easily dirty, making it unresponsive. And that's with BOTH of my MM. thus making it a design flaw (in case anyone wanted to argue that). edit: typo's
oe... nice http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObje...CBUOPi7/2.?p=0
You can use the Address Book app for writing SMS messages. - Connect your phone to address book (by clicking on the Bluetooth button on the left upper side of the window). - Click on the phone number, - And select "SMS Message". As far as for Reading messages, I have no idea. Perhaps someone else could help you with that.
I totally agree on this one... I really liked the name PowerBook.. It has style. And, like Marvin said, sounded sophisticated... but heck.. apple had to fscked it up by changing it... Too bad it had to be part of the transition. MacBook Pro is a logical solution for naming a product... But it's lame on many levels!!! And I really can't see the point of changing the name of the OS into Leopard. The product is called "Mac OS X, Version 10.4" and the "nick" is "Tiger". Both...
cool... thnx
nah... dogs need too much maintenance.
hehe.... thanx anyway.
bottom w/ minimal magnification. locked?... how do you do that?!
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