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err... we are still talking about Apple, right?
command + ` scroll's through windows. works with most of the .app's.
From what I have noticed in the change I made to my mac with the language change is that the OS itself doesn't completely change the language. What I'm trying to say is that some stuff remain in the default language (the one that was installed on the machine). Stuff like Help, and date. So if you want to completelly change the language, as far as i know that is what you want to do, is to install the OS again. And that is by the install disc, I don't know if you can do that...
you can change the language whenever you want to: - just go to "System Preferences", - then go to "International" in the personal section, - you will see a list with languages, drag your desired language to the top. - then log out or restart the computer so then will the changes take effect. (note: i just changed mine from spannish to english, and the clock still says the date in spannish , but that something i have customized, so i guess if you change those setting...
that would explain the drooling! edit: typo
I know what you're saying! I hate that damn thing and I still use it!
Well... it's a pretty mouse. and flashy and cool, but to be honest, It's a peace of crap. Nice feature that 2 in 1 button thing. And the scroll ball is pretty cool. But have you tried to use that thing with Photoshop or Illustrator, or what ever program that you really need to use a right click? That thing is just plain hell on earth... damn that thing is just plain worthless... Ctrl+click is the way to go if you don't have an other mouse. (in apps like PS)
hehe... I personally don't dislike the Finder. but what Kim Kap Sol said makes me think of an ├╝ber-wicked-and-very-cool Spotlight. I mean, that sounded like Spotlight, only way better. With a dropdown menu that you can choose what kind of file you would like to search. (Spotlight would know what kind of files you can open by recognizing the apps you have). I think it would be better if Apple added a second Finder for the people who wants an other finder. Maybe Spotlight...
hmmm.. makes me wonder if Microsoft is going to make an Official Windows Version that can be installed on MacIntels.
LOL.. but you know what... they'll probably will give it an aweful name. Somthing like: the MacDesktopComputer Pro *sigh* hehe... MacMac...
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