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what i don't like are the IR ports in the front of the machine... next to the open-the-lid-button. looks out of place.. oh well. The ner intel Core logos are pretty cool:
can't believe they called it the MacBook Pro... sounds kinda strange/lame... i know they had to get rid of the Power stuff... but... i liked that name oh well... i'll have to get used to it but... wait a sec... if the powerbook is now the MacBook Pro, what will be the name of the PowerMac?
huh? i did recall it was during a presentation of iPhoto.. or before iPhoto.. and if I remembered it correctly.. it was a something with a sunset on a tropical island.
hmmm... you're right... but... it was the WWDC keynote whem he announced the swith to Intel...? wasn't it?
It was when he announced the transition to Intel™. And I believe that the button he hit was to swith to an other PowerMac running on an Intel™ chip.
I was browsing in the "Temporary Insanity" (bikertwin had great ideas) forum (man.. some peeps have a wild imagination!) and people want to see stuff like PDA's and Tablets... may be someone could make a Mock-up of one. I gave it a thought and maybe it could be something like this:aluminum or some other classy & stylish alloy/metal, or some white plastic glossy stuff like the iMac or iBook. maybe a 10" 1024 x 768 screen (not like an iBook that is horizontal, but vertical...
Oh! this one looks pretty nice, way better than the one I made. good job!
Here I made some iBook G4 mock-ups with the colors of the iPod mini. iBook Blue top left side iBook green top left side iBook pink top left side iBook silver top left side
something like this?
what color do you think the iBook should have?
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