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haha.. sorry folks.. i mispelled it.. d'oh!.. what a mess!... i'll change it right now cosmonut: the two latches already exist in the 17 inch model, here is the image, If I have some spare time today, i'll try to make a "burnt-brushed-deep-carbon-fibre-aluminium-super-tech-alloy" And a happy new year peeps!
behold, the new Carbon Fibre PowerBook Core™ Quad Extreme. (if the colour is fµcked up, that would be because i'm colorblind , no really ) any constructive criticism is welcome
no prob. hehe
and I suppose you can't use the wireless feature of the controller? I mean.. it's 2.4 GHz wireless technology (and i supose Wi-Fi 802.11b & g, you know.. like the nintendo DS that is compatible with Wi-Fi, thus AirPort) , so can't airport identify the controller? I'm just asking here.. I no trying to make a statement
i liked that design.. it looks pretty cool.. the only thing i didn;t like was that shiney "bling bling" apple logo on the sphere.. it made it look a bit cheap and yes .. the arm needs a comeback.. that thing is wicked! I would pay gladly the extra cash for it
well .. (not intending to sound like an asshole.. ) but.. to anser the topic of this thread.. i would like to buy a XBox 360. i mean.. i can play system link with this thing.. connect it to my old xbox.. and i can play HALO 2 (or what ever game i have that supports sys. link .. (i'll have to buy second disc for it.. but hey.. the prices droped bigtime for the cool games.. )) and i'll have a new console to play with.. play online that is (if you read further .. you...
whoa!... sounds pretty sweet!... to bad you'll have to wait that much for it. but still.. nice machine
today i was watching some commercials (didn't felt like switching channels) and saw this phona at a commercial. Nec 343i I think it looks like apple made it.
pretty nice mockup... only.. i don't think that the iPhone would have a click wheel.. it would be a pain in the ass to use it.... and i now the feeling of boredom... so, what would be a new product with out a proper keynote/presentation? here's the invitation.
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