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my case sux asses even harder. EVERYONE i know uses MSN Messenger, and i'm the only one that owns a Mac. I can use Mercury Messenger, but hate that programme.. it's slow.. it's nasty to work with.. and adium is ok... but still.. i prefer MSN Messenger 5.0 (which sucks ass VERY hard.. damn.. It still doesn't support Webcam, NOT even voice chat!) and the other thing is that iChat doesn't support Voice Chat with other AIM users (which is also sucky). btw, am i the only...
It sounds so... like cursing I can almost hear the convo it would be something like this: Me: Hi, look at this, it's Vingle *points at that new stuff* Friend: what?!.. how did you call me?! Me: no.. it's Vingle Friend: What the fuck is wrong with you!?... do you think it's funny to call someone a vingle Me: noooo!!.. I.. just...I...It's the new thing fro- Friend: Yeah right! *punches b3nj in the face* hmm.. I wouldn't like that.. *already feels the...
I don't know about you peeps.. but I didn't thouth that iPod "nano' was a stupid name. I thought it had style
well. I don't really care about the iPod.. I want new pBooks. and why do i have the feeling that I'm gonna be veeeeeeeeery dissapointed.
well, that seems a big ass screen for an iPod
hahaha ROFL!!
I'm not so sure about the iPod Video... it seems so contradicting with the thing that Steve Jobs said on the WWDC 2005.. he was talking about other companies who produced "Portable video players" that they are retards who were trying to make things that would be stupid, like whatching a film on a miniature screen (only with nicer words)... but.. I've heard from other people that Steve does say something that he would never produce, and some years later he does produce...
Whoa! i've just downloaded Adium.. and it's pretty sweet.. well.. it doesn't have the cam feat. but it still kicks ass.. i've also tried that jabber-msn thingy.. it's a big disappointment.. IMO, adium is waaaaaaaaaaay better than that pathetic crappy msn messenger.. i bet that 5.0 is an other load of crap.. oh well.. what else do you expect from microsuck...?
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