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Count me as sensitive to the adhesive and/or plasticizers used in the strap -- thanks to AppleInsider for the article, and a pox upon Fitbit for visiting a truly horrible rash on my wrist and then not doing more than providing a simple refund. Great to hear they're working on an improved unit: now with even bigger and more pustulent sores!   The lack of any offer of a replacement unit speaks volumes about their inability to actually fix their rather serious manufacturing...
My god, without this device they'd have to use heat pipes for passive cooling, and that would be... sensible. Wait, what's the point exactly?
Issues here in Canada since about 12 hours before Apple seems to have realized there was a problem (since 3am PDT on Sept. 11). This is really, really bad -- hope for the sake of Apple's reputation that they're not lying about the extent of the problem, but sucks to be one of the unlucky ones regardless. [things not to do when posting the above today: forgot my password and asked to have it sent to me at my mac.com address -- had to grab another Mac to figure out my...
I just love watching Apple mess with tech analysts heads: masterful.   Some of the rumours are borderline credible, but beware of Chinese insiders bearing purported Apple scoops -- those guys will clearly parrot just about anything.
Or I could just use my brand new 17" MacBook Pro for the blistering fast machine that it is. You're right about more RAM (16GB) and a good solid state drive (bought one of OWC's fastest), but I fully expect it to be running OS X for several years to come. Heck, I still have my decade-old third-to-last Mac laptop here in the office running OS X (and more importantly some ancient legacy stuff in OS9), only somewhat slow and ragged in its titanium case (definitely not a...
Nope, I think that 2010 would have been just about right... pity (for RIM) that you actually mean 2012 \
Well, that rumor's perfectly believable -- can't think of more than a million reasons why Apple would flee China as a production center, if they were to drop Foxconn. And who better to predict such trends than a Chinese publication that's knee-deep in the Chinese business world? Thanks though for clearing up where the small-screen rumor was coming from -- could someone please start a rumor about the "iPhab"? I need a few more laughs than the Chinese industrial complex...
Boy, just a few more years of constant news items about potential Facebook IPO's and I might even be tempted to believe one of them... no doubt using my 7-inch iPad running Android, because that seems much more likely than an actual Facebook IPO.
Here's hoping that Flash and crappy design are not core to Apple's strategy, because the design of the Wolfram site looks to be far more heavily influenced by the sensibilities of Microsoft than by those of Apple (i.e. for what it attempts to illustrate, it looks like ungodly colorful, badly composed, crap).
As a prof currently writing a science/engineering textbook -- please let this not only be true, but (finally) include proper tools for publishing things other than fiction-style text-only documents!
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