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I've been using Wikipanion for a few years, mainly because it integrates with iCab.
Just a warning to any potential new Beatport customers: You cannot redownload tracks after buying them. I learned that the hard way after moving many miles away and losing access to the hard drives that I backed up my purchases on. Ridiculous in this day and age.
iCab is the best browser for iOS. Now down before it.
Surprisingly interesting for a Sony product. I'm intrigued.
From the looks of the reviews, I should just stick with whatever third party one I've been using for years now.
I like AirVideo, but the transcoding it does seems unnecessary. I stream over SMB on my Touchpad and never have to buffer; on my iPhone and iPad though I get constant buffering unless I significantly reduce the bitrate.
Oh wow, it's Watson for your iPad . . .
Why would simply enabling SSL take so long? Not saying it was high risk, but it doesn't seem complicated either.
Imagine a Beowulf cluster of these.
This took nearly twice as long to install on my iPad 2 than my iPhone 4S, which is weird since their hardware is identical for the most part.
New Posts  All Forums: