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Why would simply enabling SSL take so long? Not saying it was high risk, but it doesn't seem complicated either.
Imagine a Beowulf cluster of these.
This took nearly twice as long to install on my iPad 2 than my iPhone 4S, which is weird since their hardware is identical for the most part.
I sincerely believe webOS was going somewhere, even with the first model's flop. I believe Hurd would have stuck it out. The TouchPad hardware was decent and built well enough; their phones I can't comment on. Even before it was discontinued, I was rooting for webOS hoping it would gain at least second place in the mobile OS wars. I wouldn't mind Apple being dethroned from the #1 spot if it were at least done by an innovative product, not the digital equivalent of a...
Apple was ripped off twice: once by Microsoft and most recently by Google and Sanscum. They have a right to be paranoid and over zealous.
How will I use the app, steer, and hold my gun while trailing black teenagers in my affluent neighborhood? Hopefully it supports Siri.
Metro interface? Yeah, I'll stick with iWork.
Since I can remember using a browser my start page has been 'blank.'
Slightly unrated but I can't help but mention Jasmine is an awesome YouTube app replacement.
Seriously, anyone else think Snow Leopard was the last all around good, generally bloat-free version of OS X?
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