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I sincerely believe webOS was going somewhere, even with the first model's flop. I believe Hurd would have stuck it out. The TouchPad hardware was decent and built well enough; their phones I can't comment on. Even before it was discontinued, I was rooting for webOS hoping it would gain at least second place in the mobile OS wars. I wouldn't mind Apple being dethroned from the #1 spot if it were at least done by an innovative product, not the digital equivalent of a...
Apple was ripped off twice: once by Microsoft and most recently by Google and Sanscum. They have a right to be paranoid and over zealous.
How will I use the app, steer, and hold my gun while trailing black teenagers in my affluent neighborhood? Hopefully it supports Siri.
Metro interface? Yeah, I'll stick with iWork.
Since I can remember using a browser my start page has been 'blank.'
Slightly unrated but I can't help but mention Jasmine is an awesome YouTube app replacement.
Seriously, anyone else think Snow Leopard was the last all around good, generally bloat-free version of OS X?
I've had an iPad 2 since its release. I've never felt it get hot, and I live in a climate where 100 degree weather is common. My iPhone 4S gets toasty when charging or talking on it for long periods, but nothing odd or even remotely bothersome. I can see this in a MacBook Air, though. More specifically, an ARM-based MacBook Air that needs a light breeze to cool down, not a ferocious wind like Intel's x86 chips.
About time, because my iPad 2 sounds abysmal compared to my TouchPad's speakers.
With the myriad of product leaks Apple has experienced lately it's refreshing to know that if this set top box actually exists, that they've been able to keep it secrect.
New Posts  All Forums: