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My walls are concrete with steel beams. I had to use a repeater just reach the front rooms. Even cell phones get zero bars in my place
Out of the 3 operating systems I'm obviousy in the iOS camp, but I'm slightly interested in the future of WebOS. Android reminds me of too many other half-assed Linux solutions and the fragmentation just makes it look like a series of cheap iPad knock-offs (which they essentially are). WebOS has a history behind it as a touch based OS. HP is trying some new things; I welcome it really.
When you are subsidized by intelligence agencies profit isn't as important.If I convert my MobileMe account will my web page instantly die?
How do you post something like this 'prematurely?' It takes like two weeks to be approved doesn't it? I wonder what's in this version that made them pull it.
You know I just had a picture of Ballmer throwing slices of bologna at his office door yelling, "Kinect!!!" come into my head. Different company I know . . .
I was there. Their jeanous bar is amazing.
I really wouldn't call it a rivalry. Apple has nothing to match the Creative Suite and I don't know that they will ever try to. As for Final Cut and Premier, I don't think anyone will jump ship for Adobe if they do abandon FC. iPhoto vs. Elements? Most people have no incentive to bother with the later, and if they did need something better than iPhoto they'd move to full fledged Photoshop.
Definitely. I'm writing this from NewsRack right now which may or may not identify itself specifically as an iPad (apps like this usually just mention iOS in the browser request string). iCab is my browser of choice on the iPad and I've frequently set it to identify itself as Safari for Mac to bypass mobile versions of certain sites. When set to 'standard' I'm not sure iCab even mentions the device it's running on. No idea about Atomic and other apps like IM+,...
Using the built in display and an external 23" with my MacBook (first generation) over VNC from an iPad with no problems, so it's not a universal issue at least.
Most non-tech people probably don't even know what a 'tablet' is other than a form of stationary. An iPad though? Different story.
New Posts  All Forums: