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I've had an iPad 2 since its release. I've never felt it get hot, and I live in a climate where 100 degree weather is common. My iPhone 4S gets toasty when charging or talking on it for long periods, but nothing odd or even remotely bothersome. I can see this in a MacBook Air, though. More specifically, an ARM-based MacBook Air that needs a light breeze to cool down, not a ferocious wind like Intel's x86 chips.
About time, because my iPad 2 sounds abysmal compared to my TouchPad's speakers.
With the myriad of product leaks Apple has experienced lately it's refreshing to know that if this set top box actually exists, that they've been able to keep it secrect.
Would have been better with Ice T's "Colors" playing in the background.
I bought an iPad as a gift for a friend yesterday. He wanted to get one of those keyboard/cover deals, but me and another friend told him, somewhat from experience, that he would quit using it in about a week. I think that's how it will be for most people. It eventually just becomes an annoyance, except in this case (no pun intended) you're stuck with it.
iCab shits all over this and the other competition and has been out for two years at least.
Hopefully this means I'll be able to do simple things like share somebody else's picture or link without using a browser . . .
Blah. I live in a 'developing nation' called Egypt and even our service is decent. Not much worse than America, and in some ways better.
Every time either Office or iWork is mentiomed the arguments about whether or not IWork is ready for prime time occur, and each time it boils down to whether or not one can or cannot do some feature an individual wants. As a full fledged hater of all things MS, I will say Office isn't that bad once you ditch the ribbons. A couple minor things make Word a better choice for my workflow right now, but Pages is great too. For the lightweight spreadsheet work I do I really...
Argh. I have no problem with Seagate's internal drives, but I have had less than optimal results with their NAS units and externals. Kinda bad news.
New Posts  All Forums: