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Somene buy that guy some nail clippers already.
My iPad 2 feels more magical after this update.
The hilarious thing about iDisk is that it was faster to access it with a third-party client like Cyberduck or Transmit than with Finder. Not to mention it was more reliable.
This video shows how loyal Mac fans are. They were so embarrassed by this video that they had sense to keep it locked up for 25 years. Probably should have stayed that way.
Say goodbye to your corporate secrets, Apple.
When I see someone with a 17" laptop I immediately think of rednecks with Dodge Rams who never actually haul anything.
Probably, "This thing looks cool. I wish I could read."
That and the less desirable clientele surrounding them.
I agree with you about the Xoom, but I don't think if I was a webOS fan and bought the Touchpad at retail I'd really regret it. It's not a bad device. HP really did have something with webOS but blew it. I got one for $99 and use it when my iPad is charging and for tinkering purposes. webOS is a fairly standard Linux OS and easy to modify. The Linux side of it is tucked away and unnecessary except for those who want it, who can easily get to it in that case. The...
They're really apples and oranges.
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