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Yep, I thought they all had silver logos though?
I think I've had my 17" since early 2003; so far no problems. It has been used daily for hours since then. Perhaps not all of them were a bad batch?
One step up from the county fair I guess. Not quite as humiliating as Hootie playing at a local Wal-Mart though.
Why do they only have the last seasons of ATHF and Sea Lab 2021?
The thermal paste issue is a non-issue; see the article below: http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/ma...on.html?page=1
So you can order the same cheap crap you get on-line, except now you spend $5 on gas to do it in person? Great business idea.
You're forgetting that they didn't even program the current VPC.
Seriously, who didn't see this coming?
I'm with everyone else on the utter necessity of Daily Show in a subscription format. I have economy cable (basically required for broadband with my ISP) and don't get Comedy Central; Daily Show is the only program I'd like to see on a regular basis. BUT here is the big thing. MTV -- where is Daria? Or how about Beavis and Butthead with the video commentary?
Nope, I've just thankfully never been in a situation where the source tapes weren't available. Printing a lossy format to DVD or tape just can't be good, and it might even look worse when compressed a second time to say, a small QT file. Though if it makes you money, and the drones are satisfied with it, good!
New Posts  All Forums: