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Two years ago? I bought my 2005FPW a year ago for maybe $369 and it has four USB ports, composite, VGA, DVI, and S-Video inputs. That was back when Apple was selling their 20" for $699 (maybe $799). I can't stand Dell products generally, but you can't beat their prices on displays. And like another poster mentioned, the 3 year warranty is very nice.
I suspect stock OS X of some flavor running on the ? TV will be happening within a month. I'm pulling that out of my backside, but I suspect that will be the case. That's the point at which I will likely purchase one.
Perhaps you'll see the death of .Mac and its migration to Google.
Who else was hoping one day we'd see a 10.4.10 -- just for kicks? Looks like .9 will be the highest we reach this time around as well.
If you're looking for a 20" widescreen I would say save some money and buy Dell's. Yesterday on Dealmac I saw it listed for $260 I believe! I've had mine for probably six months now and I have absolutely no complaints. The case isn't as pretty, but I get switchable DVI/VGA/Composite inputs and picture in a picture. I use my 17" Studio Display as a secondary display now. Apple's 20" is seriously overpriced.
Yep, I thought they all had silver logos though?
I think I've had my 17" since early 2003; so far no problems. It has been used daily for hours since then. Perhaps not all of them were a bad batch?
One step up from the county fair I guess. Not quite as humiliating as Hootie playing at a local Wal-Mart though.
Why do they only have the last seasons of ATHF and Sea Lab 2021?
The thermal paste issue is a non-issue; see the article below: http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/ma...on.html?page=1
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