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I'm with everyone else on the utter necessity of Daily Show in a subscription format. I have economy cable (basically required for broadband with my ISP) and don't get Comedy Central; Daily Show is the only program I'd like to see on a regular basis. BUT here is the big thing. MTV -- where is Daria? Or how about Beavis and Butthead with the video commentary?
Nope, I've just thankfully never been in a situation where the source tapes weren't available. Printing a lossy format to DVD or tape just can't be good, and it might even look worse when compressed a second time to say, a small QT file. Though if it makes you money, and the drones are satisfied with it, good!
Yeah, I received that message today after sending them an inquiry. I guess $10 for the import is good, except I don't really need it.
Hmm, I paid $10 for WMV Player too and I don't think I ever got a coupon for this. Do you have any more information?
The new Macs having EFI vs. a BIOS is irrelevant to virtualization software. The point is they could have at least started something and they didn't. I expect that after PPC sales of VPC dry up it will be discontinued for Macs. I'm not a betting man, but if I were I'd put $1000 on the table that MS will not bother doing a VPC for x86 Macs. That's fine with me, because it's one less dollar going to a monopolizing non-innovating leech; in my PC days I was a fan of VMWare...
For how I feel about the MacBU see this post. It's totally inexcusable that there has been access to Intel developer kits for months now and that nobody has even began coding a new version of VPC. I dread hearing this woman speak because each time it's full of bullshit. Here's my prediction: a number of other developers have already started working on x86 virtualization software for OS X on Intel, MS knows this, and will just announce the end of VPC whenever someone...
Who knows. But what company 'committed' to creating quality products sends out its worst speaker? If a lowly member of a programming team can do a better job than her, he should be presenting. Hell, if she was serious about a word she said she would have taken an entire day to prepare. It's the whole idea of your products' image being at stake -- the only thing that puts food on your table. Apparently she's not worried about that, since there will always be another...
I hate even using Office lately in light of MS's blatant lack of enthusiasm in supporting Mac users. It's like MS is saying, "We're only making this one good product because of anti-trust laws." It's like being the fat girl at the frat party, who can come just as long as she brings the beer. The highly acclaimed MacBU sounds more like a ghetto, where all the creative Mac users at MS are exiled to die. Bill Gates is like Hitler after he flunked out of art school:...
Apple needs to get HBO on board.
Lugz is just mad that nobody wears their shoes / clothing anymore. I own a pair of their boots and I totally forgot about their commercial until it was mentioned. If one of their own customers can't even remember an ad, what does that say about its relevance? Sit 12 people down, all who claim to be Hip-Hop fans, show them the Eminem promo, and then ask them if it reminds them of another commercial. I'm willing to bet everyone would draw blanks.
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