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That and the less desirable clientele surrounding them.
I agree with you about the Xoom, but I don't think if I was a webOS fan and bought the Touchpad at retail I'd really regret it. It's not a bad device. HP really did have something with webOS but blew it. I got one for $99 and use it when my iPad is charging and for tinkering purposes. webOS is a fairly standard Linux OS and easy to modify. The Linux side of it is tucked away and unnecessary except for those who want it, who can easily get to it in that case. The...
They're really apples and oranges.
Woody Allen will portray Meg Whitman.
Not a liberal (or conservative). Obama is a disingenuous scumbag like Bush with better oratory skills.
Gteat job touting the company line with meaningless replies. These are the kind of answers Sarah Palin gives because she has no original or noteworthy ideas in her head. Now you know why McCain considered her at one point as a running mate. At least Palin was easy on the eyes.
Seriously, I've never noticed my iPad even feel remotely warm, let alone hot . . and I live where it can be 100+ degrees.
Sort of disappointed that he actually accepted. Oh well, we all can't be perfect.
Prepare to see more leaks.
Battlezone is in their Atari Arcade Classics pack, so I can kind of understand this. It's diverting attention away from their own product. Not that I think Atari is right for doing this, but -- I can understand.
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