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Linux is shaping up nicely on the desktop, and I'm writing this on my TouchPad even though I have an iPad 2. If this happens I likely will quit buying Apple products and sell the ones I have left -- and there are many. I didn't mind being a second class netizen as a Mac user because of my beef with Microsoft products, so I don't mind going through another temporary inconvenience for morality's sake.
I've been using Adium for years, but I suspect many will go back to iChat now that the big 4 are all supported. I'll certainly be considering it. As for iOS, I hope Apple includes something similar to the messaging app in webOS, that supports different protocols including Skype.
Good, now maybe people who stop trying to put Android on the TouchPads and focus on hacking an OS that doesn't suck.
Why would you pay $199 for a shitty 7" tablet that doesn't do anything with no bright future ahead of it when you could get the Kindle? The TouchPad at least had a decent screen and an E-Mail client.
She is a moron.
Whenever I need an abortion the first thing I think is to ask Siri.
Any app you pay money for should not require or even offer an in app purchase, unless it is to unlock a free version of an app into a full version. This is especially true with games. Seriously, people essentially paying money for a higher score? It makes the whole Game Center thing totally skewed.
Apple may have said, "No thanks" to this exploitation piece.
Exactly what I was getting at. OS X is my favorite operating system, but if Google created it or hijacked it, I'd quit using it immediately.
Unless:The route to the cache is longer than the route directly to the site.The route from the cache to the site is longer than yours.The cache's DNS lookups are slower than your ISP's or a local DNS cache.The cache's server is under a heavy load.The cache is down or the route to it is unreachable. Is Silk smart enough to try another method? Even if it does, it adds delay.Silk is unable to reach the content due to certain geogpahic restrictions (YouTube is an good...
New Posts  All Forums: