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Anything running Android = shit.
Silk is just an excuse for data collection. Anyone with a basic understanding of networking would realize that the performance boost would be unnoticeable, and it might actually make things worse in many conditions.
IM+ Pro is the closest thing to Adium on the iPad. I know that's not really related to the AIM announcement, but I haven't used an 'official' client for any IM service in years.
You can pour syrup on shit, but it's still not pancakes. I often hold my iPad with one hand (proceed with masturbation jokes).I'd rather find a TouchPad floating around for $250 than bother with either.
That would be a disaster. Doing nothing with it at all would be better than RIM messing with it. Sad really. I own an iPad 2 and more Apple products than I care to count right now, but all the blind WebOS hate reeks of extreme fanboyism. My mom actually likes the TouchPad more than the iPad . . .
If by take better care of your stuff you mean never use it, I guess you might have a point.
My cream leather cover is falling apart and looks like hell. Not sure of I'm going to buy another smart cover.
What happens when an iOS device is no longer updated, but an app developer releases an incompatible update in the future? Will one somehow be able to download the last working version with that OS, or will they just be screwed? That already happened to me on the Mac App Store, where an app all of a sudden became 64-bit only.
The iOS mail app itself is very limited, and Apple won't give developers access to enough APIs to make a better one. Junk mail filtering should at least be an option . . . Whether things are 'working' as intended or not, the amount of confusion associated with iCloud and its predecessors is a testament to some bad decision making.
That's weird, I can use either my @me.com or @mac.com interchangeably. They are the same account. I can login to iTunes with either.Not that it really matters, but the aliases were definitely there in the .Mac days, since most of mine originate from that era. They probably weren't there in the iTools phase (amusing, iOS' autocorrect still fixes the capitalization for iTools). Apple's on-line offerings have been rebranded over the years to create a sense of progression....
New Posts  All Forums: