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I didn't know about this. Sort of glad they didn't, since Apple probably wouldn't continue developing the most awesome usenet client on any platform: Unison.
Do not read this topic if you're dozing off, you will become incredibly confused Something unique happened to me in the transition. Please try to bear with me. I signed up for iTools years ago; that created the @mac.com address I currently use. Then .Mac arrived and iTools transformed into a paid service, and I jumped ship. Despite not having access to it anymore I continued to use my @mac.com address as an Apple ID, most notably for iChat/AIM. A year or two...
Yes, because I'm enduring it right now. My 2TB LaCie doesn't have two FireWire 400 ports on the back that would let me chain it to my camcorder, just a 400 and 800. Currently I'm on my first generation MacBook that only has one FireWire 400 port. Adapter wizardry could solve this, but in Egypt it's not always a simple drive to the Apple store for these things. Still, that's nothing compared to the bottleneck on my USB 1.1 G3 iMac and its 1TB external drive.
Would be amusing if traffic from today's updates crippled the entire Internet
Been sitting here watching my 100+ apps restore, wishing that iDevices still had Firewire because it's been like an hour.
Worked wonders for Christianity.
$1-3 million seems kind of low.
Didn't mind Arnold's. At least it was something you could actually believe him saying, and he probably meant it.
I was impressed until I saw the other members and realized the whole thing was a farce.
Statistical evidence would suggest otherwise.
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