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Would be amusing if traffic from today's updates crippled the entire Internet
Been sitting here watching my 100+ apps restore, wishing that iDevices still had Firewire because it's been like an hour.
Worked wonders for Christianity.
$1-3 million seems kind of low.
Didn't mind Arnold's. At least it was something you could actually believe him saying, and he probably meant it.
I was impressed until I saw the other members and realized the whole thing was a farce.
Statistical evidence would suggest otherwise.
Hiring a female CEO is the fastest way to kill your tech company.
The multiple country issue has a workaround that may work for some: keep a credit card active in your preferred country, and make sure its billing address matches in iTunes.
MacUpdate is great and it's not going anywhere. It's certainly all inclusive, while many developers are not on the App Store either by choice or because of Apple policy. I use both depending on what I'm looking for; MU's new software feed has been in my RSS reader for ages. MU's selling point is its simplicity, and their occasional bundles and discounts are nice too.
New Posts  All Forums: