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Linux might be in your future. You can choose a basic window manager without sacrificing up to date apps and a modern OS. Xfce seems to be what the minimalists are using nowadays.
Would be amusing if these guys infiltrated the jailbreaking community and patched holes as the exploits were in the making.
PlayBook has nothing, absolutely nothing going for it to even warrant it a good deal at $99. They cannot even pull an HP let alone an Apple.
It's like a competition to see who can make the lamest shit that nobody wants.
They could drop it to $20 and I sitll wouldn't want it. The TouchPad had WebOS and decent hardware going for it; this has nothing.
Yeah, you know I had said the TouchPad was intriguing before it hit $99 just because of WebOS. And I actually said I'd be willing to pay $99 for one before the fire sale. This? I can't imagine me caring at all. It brings nothing to the table.
..... (Mod Edit: no, we're NOT cool with racist comments. We have lives too, and we don't read every comment. Way to take a bad comment and think it's OK to make a worse one, good going)
The WebOS / TouchPad fiasco is such a unique situation that speculating about their future is almost certain to bite you in the ass. A lot of people are buying TouchPads for $99 not expecting much, but end up really enjoying the OS. A community of WebOS afficinados already exists, and they're not going to just throw in the towel overnight. Now you've got a huge batch of geeks getting them, many of whom might not have iPads saying, "Hey, this isn't bad but if I could...
Yeah, because his biological dad is such a total failure. Well, you answered that yourself when you said, "A-rabs."Thank you.
My mom used to tell me that as a kid, since every man on my father's side is bald to reassure me I wouldn't go bald too. Well, she was wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: