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PlayBook has nothing, absolutely nothing going for it to even warrant it a good deal at $99. They cannot even pull an HP let alone an Apple.
It's like a competition to see who can make the lamest shit that nobody wants.
They could drop it to $20 and I sitll wouldn't want it. The TouchPad had WebOS and decent hardware going for it; this has nothing.
Yeah, you know I had said the TouchPad was intriguing before it hit $99 just because of WebOS. And I actually said I'd be willing to pay $99 for one before the fire sale. This? I can't imagine me caring at all. It brings nothing to the table.
..... (Mod Edit: no, we're NOT cool with racist comments. We have lives too, and we don't read every comment. Way to take a bad comment and think it's OK to make a worse one, good going)
The WebOS / TouchPad fiasco is such a unique situation that speculating about their future is almost certain to bite you in the ass. A lot of people are buying TouchPads for $99 not expecting much, but end up really enjoying the OS. A community of WebOS afficinados already exists, and they're not going to just throw in the towel overnight. Now you've got a huge batch of geeks getting them, many of whom might not have iPads saying, "Hey, this isn't bad but if I could...
Yeah, because his biological dad is such a total failure. Well, you answered that yourself when you said, "A-rabs."Thank you.
My mom used to tell me that as a kid, since every man on my father's side is bald to reassure me I wouldn't go bald too. Well, she was wrong.
HP is still offering phone support on the TouchPads. My dad got one and called them about some problem with the E-Mail client constantly trying to fetch messages. Probably have been tons of support calls since they've been $99. Must suck paying to support a device you lost $300 on. The money put widens.
Most Apple designs age pretty well. This doesn't so much.
New Posts  All Forums: