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The WebOS / TouchPad fiasco is such a unique situation that speculating about their future is almost certain to bite you in the ass. A lot of people are buying TouchPads for $99 not expecting much, but end up really enjoying the OS. A community of WebOS afficinados already exists, and they're not going to just throw in the towel overnight. Now you've got a huge batch of geeks getting them, many of whom might not have iPads saying, "Hey, this isn't bad but if I could...
Yeah, because his biological dad is such a total failure. Well, you answered that yourself when you said, "A-rabs."Thank you.
My mom used to tell me that as a kid, since every man on my father's side is bald to reassure me I wouldn't go bald too. Well, she was wrong.
HP is still offering phone support on the TouchPads. My dad got one and called them about some problem with the E-Mail client constantly trying to fetch messages. Probably have been tons of support calls since they've been $99. Must suck paying to support a device you lost $300 on. The money put widens.
Most Apple designs age pretty well. This doesn't so much.
$9.99? Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Other companies came to the PDF creation party earlier and charged less.
Bump. I'd read much more often if the forum was available through Tapatalk.
I would pay $99 for a TouchPad just out of curiosity, and I own an iPad. The thing piqued my interest despite bombing and still sort of does. A hacking scene will likely develop around them once geeks pick them up for pennies. Could be interesting from a hobbiest perspective.
Speaking of overvalued companies, does Google make any profit? Totally ignorant question here. It just seems like their whole existence is one big spending spree and after paying their employees and other overhead, I don't see what they could have left. Is ad revenue really that amazing? Their search engine is slowly becoming the spam ridden ghetto that Yahoo was in the late 90s, and the simple layout that made them likable has been long gone. Apple tends to do a few...
A big problem with the Touchpad is that its future is uncertain. Even if you're like me and think it's kind of cool, no one wants to end up with a product with no software, accessories, or even basic security updates. Accessories are another huge factor. With all these Droid tablets there's no single form factor to target when designing certain products, like say this.
New Posts  All Forums: