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Why is it that these types of services ultimately wind up being complex and data hungry? By contrast, Apple Pay is like a breath of fresh air. I'll cast my vote with my wallet, and let merchants know why I'm choosing to buy or not buy at their store. Walmart et.al...take note...the cream always rises to the top. As a consumer I'm not interested in jumping through a lot of hoops simply to make a payment, especially when simpler methods are available. Also, I really don't...
My dropbox a/c is still off-line, some 16 hours since the 1st outage. Removed cookies, restarted computer, but sign-in only leads to the Error 500 screen. Sigh  :( This doesn't seem like a "maintenance issue".
Bartender ought to be on the list. Great app for ending Menu Bar clutter. http://www.macbartender.com
"I certainly understand their concern the way I understood FCP and iMovie users not liking how Apple went back to square one with their apps but it's not something they should be complaining about since they can still use iWork '09 apps the same as a week ago.%u201D That%u2019s not true. The new iWorks apps on both OS and IOS are missing signficant number of features. Hence, any previously created document in iWorks 09 using any of those features is now rendered...
So in short%u2026it's OK to steal. Glad she cleared that up.
Amazing the highest echelon of the world's most innovative company comprises white, middle-aged men. Just sayin' 
  As I posted earlier, RSS is gone. Not really a surprise. From the first Safari 6 beta, RSS was AWOL.  Reeder or NetNewsWire are 2 RSS options.  
Yes...Apple abandoned RSS. Perplexes me. That was one of Safari's compelling features. Really like being able to keep up with RSS within the browser.  Don't understand why Apple would encourage a user to leave Safari to get their RSS content. RSS is used by many sites.     At the moment, Reeder and Netnewswire are viable RSS options (via App store).    As posted here earlier, send feedback to Apple. Personally, I'd like to see the RSS function...
  Great to be popular around here. ;)  Of course, the Nexus is not "identical" (poor word choice), but its genesis comes purportedly (that ought to satisfy you legal beagles) from intellectual property created by Apple. While the Courts will decide where this ultimately goes, the initial stay order seemingly indicates sufficient evidence exists showing Samsung with their hands deeply in someone else's cookie jar.   In a broader sense, Google, Samsung, HTC etc. failure to...
The problem is you are supporting or defending the sale of stolen property.   Imagine you created an innovative, ground breaking product. A year or so later your next door neighbor showed off an identical version of your product, touting their intellectual creativity and ingenuity. How would that work for you?
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