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I bet it will be an A6 regardless of this photo's authenticity, as well as in the ipad Mini  
To make Tim Cook great, he needs a rival or a nemsis just as Steve had Bill. Larry Page does not seem charismatic enough to meet the need, not that Tim Cook has yet to let the world know his character all that well either.
The rumor is evidence? Seems to be contradictory terms...
I'm starting to get quite annoyed by the T-mobile commercials. They seem be be spouting BS the entire time. T mobile's "4G" speeds are horrendous compared to AT&T or Verizon's 3G speeds. I've done a handful of side by side comparison's thanks to some of my users having devices on T mobile. If it wasn't for Miss 4G's semi-decent looks and flashy leg reveling dresses, who would pay attention to the commercials?
I hope that bottom line is a joke. Glen Beck is a raving lunatic R-tard... Who in their right mind can watch this guy and think, "yeah he's totally right." instead of what most think... "holy crap who gave this moron air time?"
I don't think the "training wheel" idea has much to stand on. The iphone/ipod keyboard destroys every other touch interface keyboard. I support many "low end" users that barely can use a keyboard and they have no issues on the iphone touch screen. Don't think production of that model would be worth it's while.
I keep reading people say, it's too soon for a processor upgrade my "mac" is already fast enough. In the world of technology when is any processor ever "fast enough" every day your processor is one day closer to being antiquated regardless of what you have. Any possible sped improvement they can put into a new model without effecting the price by much if any if always welcome in my book. I am waiting for a Mac Mini and the current specs on the Mac mini just does not cut...
And here begins Apple's takeover of the world. Let all other smart phones cower in fear.
All I can say as an AT&T iphone owner, is that with competition comes better pricing. I will probably stay on AT&T as I want to keep my unlimited bandwidth plan, but if Verizon comes out with one and charges X less....AT&T will need to lower their rates too or suffer the consequences. So bring it on
I can only assume you are just Trolling, unless you work for a magical company, printing is going to continue happening for a long time. The company whom I support is only about 10% the way into our "paper reduction" process. They still have to print something out, to then scan it into our document management system...I didn't choose this horrible horrible document management system... I'd say they are to 6-7 years away to eliminating paper usage(unless a company we do...
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