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I am using OSX 6 and I am having issues with Word 2011. My spacing on paragraphs are not correct. The correct version is on the left and the wrong is on the right. I have cleared formatting, zeroed out the spacing manually. I am lost. The screenshot link is: Shot
When I go to Safari>Preferences>AutoFill>Usernames and Passwords and try to delete all, Zappos.com and all Google accounts will not delete. Is there a way around this or a terminal command I can run? Thanks!
I found the answer: http://www.udel.edu/pnpi/tools/erase/mac/erasedisk.html
I am about to sell my Mac Mini on Craigslist, and I want to wipe the entire system hard drive. How do I do this? When I go to the Disk Utility, it only allows my to wipe the free space. I want to wipe everything. Thanks!
what about just general security?
that makes sense, so what are my options to keeping my "open wifi" browsing safe, at say, Starbucks? Thank you so much for helping me through this!
Awesome, thank you for the help! Why can't I have my own VPN, sorry I am not very in tune to this sorta thing. I am just wanting to stay as secure as I can with my Android and iPad when surfing.
Sorry for the confusion. All of my devices are on wifi I want to lock them down, both at home (for both computers) and when on an open wifi next (android and ipad). If VPN is not the solution, I am open to anything.
My main computer is a Mac mini and I connect via wifi. I share my macs internet via a patch cable with my Linux box. I have an iPad and an Android phone. I would like all 4 devices to be using a VPN. The main issue here is that i get free wifi with my rent and I cannot access the router. It is not possible to get another other internet line into my row house due to the age of the wiring and landlord, etc... How can i get this to work?
Thank you for the help. I have no options to view my router, but it is password protected. My internet is included in my rent but it is secured. My dell will be sitting on the same desk and have 10x better signal, so I can't understand how that could be be an issue. Should I just reinstall OSX?
New Posts  All Forums: