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I would really like to see Apple bring the tilt-shift filter from iPhoto for iOS over to Mac iPhoto and Aperture.
Also, there's really no need for users to upload content to the cloud that Apple can already stream, and I don't see Apple going the Slingbox/locker route to try and circumvent studios that it already does business with.
  I read "cloud-based DVR" as marketing speak for a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.       This is probably coming in one form or another, and it will be interesting to see how it develops.  Right now, the networks buy content from producers and sell channels to local cable providers for anywhere from 5-10 cents a month per subscriber for some channels on up to $4-plus a month per subscriber for the ESPN group of channels.  A la carte pricing would likely drive up...
Only for ringtones, which is what the article says.
  The was the No. 1 thing I was hoping to get from iOS 6.  Every time I leave my office, my wifi keeps looking for my office network for so long that I have to manually turn off wifi to get a cellular signal.
This app could be great for airport boarding passes, movie tickets, Starbucks, etc., but I'm not sure how much interest there is in a Groupon-junked map.
It never made sense to me that YouTube was included but you had to actually download iBooks.  
I signed up, got a response within 30 minutes, the code worked fine, and I'm downloading Mountain Lion now.  
  iTunes Store Terms and Conditions:     Things you can't do with stuff that you "own":  
  Apple cares about innovation and profits.  I doubt that the people at the iTunes Store division are making business decisions about how to license media content based on whether they're carrying the torch for "people actually owning their content."   (And it's all licensed; you don't own any of the content.  Some licenses are just more permissive than others.  Read your terms and conditions the next time you update iTunes.)
New Posts  All Forums: