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www.Macrumors.com posted at 3:00am that iTunes is now selling Skits from SNL for 1.99 also they are selling the best of Specials of many of the SNL stars. The are now charging 1.99 for "Lazy Sunday" which was downloaded over 2 million times.
I have seen products like this before and the do cause I strain. Especially if you try to look at a very large screen with one eye and everything else with the other. I'm sure that this would work but I don't know how many people would pay 500 for headaches.
If you are only using it for music save some money and by an iPod Photo.
I'm Pretty sure you mean Video and Audio, and I think they will just stick with what they have got.
i got an ibook a couple weeks ago and it came with 10.4.2 I had to update it took a couple minutes.
i am a mac convert as of september 2, 2005 and my new ibook is on its way today!!!
civ III goty is on mac which does not have multiplayer( civ III complete does and so does civ 4, Halo is on Mac so halo 2 would be nice but its not going to happen.
CIV III complete and CIV IV are coming to the mac in late 2005 ealry 2006
hahaha ROFL
I love my 20" iMac, you really get used to the space quickly now it is hard to use some really small screens.
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