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So I go to pick up my new ipod mini, I got it with the student discount promotion, and it doesn't turn on, I plugged it into my iMac and nothing happens. I got the extend warrenty so I'm not worries about taking it back but I was wondering if they still sold the ipod mini at all or if I would have to pay more for a Nano or a video ipod?
laptop with isight in latch
powerbook with iSight they already have it appleinsider had something about a couple mnths ago, and after last week it is the logical step. Plus maybe a more pro photobooth and iphoto they don't have a big booth at a photo show to tell you about itunes 7 or new cinema displays and there is a camera lens on the invitation.
not yet all the ads are on the outside of the theater
check out this like of ads from the theater... wide screen iPOD
So your saying that I shouldn't care what is happening to people in the world because it is outside my control...Go outlook n life who cares cause here in america we got it all. While that would be nice for them to manufacture the computers in their own country what would the be paid for making a cheap computer that they will just take home at the end of the day. You say we can't stop them from giving the poor people of these countries laptops and your right but the fact...
CIV3 PTW CIV4 Halo 2
and this
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