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the closest I have seen is this
I see your point that it would be from one company to a small set of schools but I just think that, I don't want to sound sacrareligious, but there are more important things then one computer for every kid in the world that the government would have to pay for in their country here
it will?!? going back to rotarty phones i guess since all the vPod would have is a click wheel.
glad to see that someone is doing it for free. I read another article about the $100 linux and it stated they would charge the government 1 mill just to start working on it they didn't say what the government said back, but in looking at many of the places that they are giving to the reason there are so many non-profit organizations helping the people is because the govt doesn't want to help them. The hole in the wall thing is awesome.. great link.
also look at what sony is doing with the PSP, they now have like 150 to 200 movies out or in the works and every other day some small software maker in japan makes it easier and easier to get dvds on to the PSP plus the best games, music, photos, and now internet. This right now is what Apple needs to match in america the only thing that they will have the upper hand on is a lot of memory in a small system which is I why think sony will be changing there PSP real soon...
That would be good what I was thinking too would be to have blutooth in the vpod so it actually becomes a controller to the airport AV and you can scroll through video and audio on your vPOD and then have it play on your TV
I am 22, and I have been to countries like the ones the are giving these computers too. sorry about the headaches but its true they are using 15 billion dollars on computer to give to people that don't have what they need. If they can say free laptop meaning every single peice of the 200 million computers is free and donated that is one thing but the article I read states that there will be a fee and financing too the non-profit organizations.
so you would want a way to send video to your tv like a media center computer or what some one said a airport AV which I would say would be about $200 not a $500 vPOD
hey you can roll your eyes but I would just have to say I would take food clothes and shelter or maybe they could actually give me a generator for electricity before giving me a laptop computer which I won't know what to do with. Its all nice to say hey we want you to have what we have you can have peer to peer networking and all that but we aren't going to give you what you need just what we think you want, save people from injustice, hunger, AIDS, and then worry about...
ok good point but the problem I see after giving all these kids in the 3rd world contires is we then have to build wireless access points, and everything they need to use the laptops with there 4 usb ports, anyway if this is for a third world market why don't they use the 15,000,000,000 dollars and give them all educations, food, shelters, clothing, fight AIDS, teach safe sex, get jobs, stop crime. They are too interested in giving people laptops they won't use. I would...
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