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yes but with how the nano went would you want to put it in your pocket $500 dollars is not something I would want to have the chance to sit on. But you are right I usually hold it or it does fit nicely in my back pack also I am playing it 24/7 so not really a time to put it in my pocket.
I would say don't get one unless they are all upgraded becuase you will be thinking that you are going to have a 8gb ram, g5 mini and you going to get the same one that the website says wait until they actually change not while they are playing russian roulette.
the did put the part in saying it would weigh in at around 200 lbs. or the fact that it would not be able to run two programs at the same time that looks like the crappiest laptop ever maybe for a little kid but no one would really get it. poeple want everything they have on their PC/MAC, dvd-r, 2gb ram, 100 GB HD, etc, and have it weigh less than 1 lbs.
Yeah your wrong.. they already owned most of the movies that went to UMD, and also other film companies signed on to have there films put on UMD. I have a PSP and I have thought about buying a UMD movie but you can just by the dvd rip it and put it on your 1 gig card. That is something im sure the vPOD wouldn't be able to do, and for $500 I would just by another memory stick especially with how crappy a rev a vPOD would be. No offense to Apple but if you want a portable...
this is taken from www.macworld.co.uk article so it's not the French misinterpreting it's all of you.
straight from steve's mouth... http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/77546/ap...ntel-macs.html
very good point...8GB of memory sounds good this time of year
also in thinking about Widescreen, you said that you play video games and I'm not sure about the Revolution but I know that I have heard that the Xbox 360's games will be in widescreen. Which is awesome since I just bought a widescreen HDTV.
why would they go through all that just to look like they are downgrading next year? There is no sense to your comment. "lets do something we have never done just to take it off in 6 months." sorry not going to happen it will just be a speed bump.
well until then I'll just have to use my PSP with the 1 gig card. And even after the vPOD comes out I would be hesitant because what is that going to cost $3-400. and with the PSP I can already play some of the best games, listen to itunes music, surf the internet, and watch widescreen movies the vPod will have a small screen with low quality picture... BTW 350mb is about right for 1 to 2 hour video depending on quality.
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