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yeah, thanks. turns out it was a bad firewire bus. It was freaking me out that it happened with both the firewire 400 and 800 ports.
I'm having a very strange problem. I was using my 500 GB D2 Quadra over firewire 800 to edit video in final cut, when everything crashed completely and I was forced to do a hard restart. Now, the lacie will only mount some of the time. Sometimes it just won't mount at all and I have to restart the computer. Sometimes it won't mount, yet it can be recognized by disk utility. Sometimes it seems to mount fine, but when I click on the drive to open it in the finder,...
Depending on how badly you want to record to hard-drive there are other options for recording full DV to hard drive. This is probably not a smart option for the typical consumer, but you could get an external hard drive that will record right from the camera.
Wow, yes I did. No wonder no one has any idea what I'm talking about. I'm editing that post. Too many abreviations that start with V.
I was just wondering if Apple Remote Desktop can work as a VNC viewer. Either that, or is there any other way for me to use the remote desktop over the internet without setting up a VPN. I'm trying to access a computer over the internet that isn't on my network, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it in ARD. Any suggestions?
ah, ok, that explains it.
I was under the impression that HDV was a 1080i or 720p format encoded using mpeg-2. Why would there be a problem importing this through firewire 400. Consumer HD camcorders do it.
Yeah, I'm forseeing a similar problem with my small college dorm room.
thanks everybody, it looks like what i'm looking for is sort of non-existant. It would be great if apple would build some type of video input into their computers (other than firewire of course). I don't even need to capture the input. I just need to view it. In an age of people using their laptops and desktops as their media centers it would make sense to me for them to be used as monitors, completely independently of the operating system so that they could be used...
yeah, that's definitely a possibility. I was hoping for one with a hi-def component input, but i'm not sure if that even exists.
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