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 The bigger problem is trying to have one OS target many different device types.  Win 8 gives you the worst of all worlds -- desktop users can't get at anything easily without a lot of custom configuration, and Surface users get a hodgepodge of apps designed for desktop or tablet use (or both).
 Yeah, HFS is definitely long in the tooth.  However, changing your underlying OS filesystem isn't exactly something which happens overnight.  Not sure what happened with Apple and ZFS a while back.  It looked like they were going to switch, then it dropped off the radar...
 He's talking about ReFS.  From what I've read, it sounds quite nice (similar to ZFS and BtrFS in a lot of ways) but has some limitations including not being able to be used for a boot drive, not allowing conversion from NTFS/FAT, and not being able to be used for removable drives.  Though I haven't checked to see if Windows 10 solves some of these issues or not.
 Too bad most of the Windows world is still running Win 7 and older.
Either that or they stopped making "contributions" to the local politicians.
 And I think that makes complete sense if both devices have identical specs aside from the form factor.  There's absolutely no need to artificially hinder the Mini's internal components in order to create cost separation between it and the Air.  Just keep the previous generation model around for those who want to save money.
 Because sometimes the device I happen to have in my hand is the one I choose to use.  Sometimes my iPhone is full of other stuff and doesn't have enough room for video.  Sometimes I don't want to have a call/message come in and mess up my video or distract me. Works for me in all those cases. Agreed.  But so is the Air. So then add a few features and charge a bit more for it so that it matches the profit margins of those devices.  I'm willing to pay more for it if it has...
Do you leave your house or do anything but type messages on a forum all day and not understand what happens in the real world? Maybe I'm standing on a bus and need to hold the pole.  Maybe I'm holding my son's hand so he doesn't run away. And I am taking videos in landscape mode.  Why is it so hard to understand that a wrist can turn in different directions?  As long as you're not covering the lens with your palm, you can shoot a video either way.
 And that's the thing.  I can get a very good grip on the edges of the iPad Mini with one hand -- I definitely don't feel like I'm going to drop it.  And I don't have exceptionally large hands either, though my wife certainly can't grip it that way. I've held the iPad Air in the Apple Store, and while the lighter weight (compared to my iPad 3) definitely helps, it still feels precarious holding it in one hand since I can't get the same grip on it.
It's the size for me, not the weight.  I can grip both sides (horizontally) with one hand on the Mini.  Not so with the full size iPad. This makes a difference in situations like taking pictures or video because I'm not accidentally touching the screen and triggering things.  Sure you can pinch the regular iPad along the bezel to hold it with one hand, but it always feels like it's going to slip out of my hand if I move too much while doing that.
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