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Except for weirdness like whether to use "==" or "===" to compare things.  Or how to check if something is uninitialized/null/empty.  Given both options, I'd choose Swift personally -- less baggage and complication.
This thread just goes to show that there is no "silver bullet" when it comes to education (in any field).  No one-size-fits-all way to teach and inspire someone.   For myself, I'm definitely an applied learner: give me a goal/task and I will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.  I may not do it in the most succinct way, and it may require multiple iterations, but I will end up with the solution.  And I will learn a lot about how to solve it better in the...
For all 6 people who need to edit spreadsheets from their living room couch?
 But it's great to have an option for cheap app developer testing devices.
But you can be someone who treats people differently depending on what you believe their net worth to be.
 I guess because I have experienced this on many occasions.  Where as soon as you walk into a store that has a high-end look and feel/products, either the sales staff seem to be trained to act a certain way (sales tactic to feed into some customers' need to feel important because of where they shop) or they'll use it as an excuse to try and feel more important than others (personal need of the sales staff). But as long as Apple ensures their sales staff continues to be...
 I used to have shoulder-length, undercut hair too.  Doesn't mean someone isn't intelligent or "classy" (whatever that means) just because they choose to present themself in a way that doesn't match everyone else.  If they know Apple products well and can give me good advice, I could care less what they look like.  Now smell, on the other hand...
 There was a picture posted of one of the VIP rooms.  Looks nicely designed, but a bit unapproachable.
While I love modern design, my concern is that the stores could end up feeling "unapproachable" like other high-end retail stores (Gucci, Prada, and the like).  Especially if the staff ends up judging customers based on whether they feel they're "premium enough" to be in the store.  I'd hate to see Apple stores end up feeling like a pretentious art gallery or similar.   Edit: Same sentiment as satchmo.  Maybe it's a difference between Canadians & Americans.  I do well...
 I get it... because Monster was secretly the original designer of such connectors as RCA and HDMI rather than just a company which gold plated existing designs, invented marketing terms such as "oxygen free", and artificially inflated the value.  So that's why they're comparable to Apple. Thanks, but I'll support companies which pay trained hardware designers what they're worth rather than state-sponsored companies who wait for the next tech trend to rip off.
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