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 The problem with Chromebooks is that it's all web apps at this point.  So either you go with free, ad-supported, data-harvesting apps of questionable quality.  Or you buy a subscription to higher quality web app access which gets costly over time and also means you can't get at your apps if your internet connection isn't working well. Not to mention login hassles and complication just to run an app.  When it works, it's fine -- but when something goes wrong, there are a...
 From the software company side of things, the subscription model definitely makes the most sense to continue to fund development.  The fact that software will stop working forces users to continue paying for development. However, from the perspective of a user, it leaves a bad taste to pay for something and not truly "own" it the same way you would with a piece of hardware.  I mean, imagine if you paid for a Mac/iPad/iPhone and after a year, it just stopped working unless...
 As someone who works in software and tried to pitch making fully functional iOS versions of desktop apps, I can say you are bang on here.  The vast majority of apps are designed to be one-hit wonders because there's very little money to be made after that initial sale (if you're a paid app). In-app purchase models are great for funding games, but don't work well for major desktop apps like word processors and other content creation tools.  People want to buy the full...
Picked up this controller yesterday and it's working great with my AppleTV so far.  Feels very natural coming from using PS3 controllers.
 That's what I'm talking about.  People have no clue about the difference between viewing 4K video (which can be done by fairly cheap computers nowadays) and actually updating a 4K user interface or video game.  To do the latter smoothly requires a high end (read expensive) GPU and very fast internal components like RAM and storage.  This is why even high end consoles like the Xbox One and the PS4 can't do it yet.  But people won't let reality get in the way of their...
 Dear 4K people in this thread (sorry kent909, I missed the sarcasm in your post the first time around), Please try to build yourself a gaming PC which can run games smoothly at 4K and report back the cost of the graphics card.  Then let us know if you'd be willing to pay that much for a TV box. Thanks for taking more than half a second to consider this issue.
Just want to reiterate to the 4K mantra zombies that no gaming console does games at 4K yet.  AppleTV is more than just video.   Now, whether they could do switching between 1080p (for interactive content) and 4K (for video content) in a seamless way is up for debate.  Most consoles will give you a lovely flicker/video distortion effect when switching modes.
I'm sure Apple was mainly worried about class action lawsuits from idiots who cracked their screen using the app.  The opportunistic lawyers would argue that since Apple approved the app for sale, they were sanctioning use of the iPhone as a scale.
 Agreed.  Humanity has really lost it's compass when share prices based on fictional criteria dreamt up by a bunch of soulless investors & market manipulators matters more than creating and having amazing products which truly enrich people's lives.
 Sounds like his surname is bang on.
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