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So if they had everything in place since 2013, why didn't they create a watch with that UI until now then?  It's one thing to have pieces of a puzzle scattered around, it's another thing to have the whole puzzle together.
I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that so many people here don't see the copying (other than being paid shills).  I mean, seriously, can anyone show me a Samsung watch that, for the user interface part (not the physical watch itself), looked anything like the Apple Watch prior to the release of the Apple Watch?  Now suddenly their user interface looks very similar.   Sure Apple may not have patents on circles or icon styling, but just because the law doesn't say...
 Let's compare the two.  Exploiting TouchID requires: 1) Having physical access to someone's phone/tablet2) Having a very high quality copy of that person's fingerprint3) Having the technical skill to scan and enhance that fingerprint and reprint it at very high quality4) The person having not realized their phone/tablet is missing during this process and remotely disabled it Exploiting Stagefright requires: 1) Creating a special video file (I'm sure there are already...
 The bigger problem is trying to have one OS target many different device types.  Win 8 gives you the worst of all worlds -- desktop users can't get at anything easily without a lot of custom configuration, and Surface users get a hodgepodge of apps designed for desktop or tablet use (or both).
 Yeah, HFS is definitely long in the tooth.  However, changing your underlying OS filesystem isn't exactly something which happens overnight.  Not sure what happened with Apple and ZFS a while back.  It looked like they were going to switch, then it dropped off the radar...
 He's talking about ReFS.  From what I've read, it sounds quite nice (similar to ZFS and BtrFS in a lot of ways) but has some limitations including not being able to be used for a boot drive, not allowing conversion from NTFS/FAT, and not being able to be used for removable drives.  Though I haven't checked to see if Windows 10 solves some of these issues or not.
 Too bad most of the Windows world is still running Win 7 and older.
Either that or they stopped making "contributions" to the local politicians.
 And I think that makes complete sense if both devices have identical specs aside from the form factor.  There's absolutely no need to artificially hinder the Mini's internal components in order to create cost separation between it and the Air.  Just keep the previous generation model around for those who want to save money.
 Because sometimes the device I happen to have in my hand is the one I choose to use.  Sometimes my iPhone is full of other stuff and doesn't have enough room for video.  Sometimes I don't want to have a call/message come in and mess up my video or distract me. Works for me in all those cases. Agreed.  But so is the Air. So then add a few features and charge a bit more for it so that it matches the profit margins of those devices.  I'm willing to pay more for it if it has...
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