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 Oh yeah, I was just talking about gamergate.  I certainly don't believe that discrimination against women is any less important (or violent) than discrimination against gays and lesbians. My problem is that I see so many people on the internet these days trying to diminish actions made to advance other causes in support of their own.  Each individual act done in support of eliminating discrimination of any kind needs to be recognized and supported in it's own right.  But...
 ok, now you're just being a contrarian.  If/when all those things are possible, I'd hope that people are doing them because they want to and not to avoid discrimination.  But I fear that wouldn't be the case.
 And here we get the heart of the matter: believe that sexuality is personal preference/desire and not something one is born with.  If you believe that in spite of all the scientific evidence to the contrary, then I'm afraid there's no point in continuing our debate.
 I don't understand how someone can seriously believe that an issue which is related to something a person is born with and can't change (sexual orientation, gender, race) and which causes them to be marginalized and abused, is the same as a personal preference in how society is governed?
 The gamergate thing is a bit different.  I don't feel it can be equated to the direct emotional & physical abuse one can experience by being a gay or lesbian.  I haven't heard a single case where a woman took her own life because of stereotyping and underrepresentation in video games. That said, it's certainly something that the video game industry (and entertainment industries in general) need to deal with.  The fact that their actions are helping to create a world in...
 There's a huge difference between coming out in support of political ideologies and coming out in support of human rights causes.  The former is usually done to advance one's personal agenda, whereas the latter is usually done for the benefit of others.
 The problem with this statement is that you're minimizing what's happening.  On this day, and in relation to this action, it's about making life better for those struggling with having a sexual orientation that isn't in the majority.  Don't minimize the importance of that action and it's effect on the world simply because you have a struggle which also needs to be addressed. On the day when Malala Yousafzai spoke at the UN about the plight of women in the world, I...
 And yet again, point missed.  This is what happens when people only see the world in market valuations, being on trend, doing things for the most personal gain, etc.
 As we've seen Wall Street do time and time again despite Apple releasing great products that customers love.  So why again are we putting faith in investor opinion?
And if/when Apple's profits soar because most people see Tim's humanity as something they value and connect with in a company, the people who only see the world in stock valuations will do what?   This is why, in general, I've drifted away from friends who are heavily involved with the stock market over my lifetime.  Most don't see the importance of things which don't generate monetary value of some sort, and will flip-flop to whatever values happen to be beneficial at a...
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