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I'm noticing a significant drop in negative posts from members who just registered.  I wonder if all the one-day post spamming contracts are factored into Samsung's marketing budget?  Though I'd imagine it's pretty cheap to hire basement dwellers who already spend all their time posting angry nonsense to channel their anger into one topic for a day.
 The GM (full restore version) is already available to paid iOS developers on developer.apple.com, but I'm not seeing the update available on my iPhone.  So I'm thinking not.  It would probably be best to test apps with a fresh and clean GM installation anyways.
 The big question is: can you update from a previous iOS 7 DP release to the GM version?  Or is it just software updatable from iOS 6 to iOS 7 GM?  In the past it's always required a full restore to go from DP to GM.  It's not clear from any of the release notes I've found.
 Yeah, I wasn't trying to make it seem like a good deal for CC holdouts in the long run.  I was just trying to figure out the marketing angle based on the fact that Generator is only available to CC subscribers (when it would make more sense to provide it to non-subscribers as a way to entice them to become subscribers).
 Agreed.  I'm not quite sure what their strategy is with this... if they're trying to entice non-cloud holdouts to bring their content into the cloud and start paying subscription fees, you think they'd be giving this away for free to non-subscribers as well (alongside a free cloud trial period). EDIT: Missed the 40% off.  Kinda makes sense now.
If the valuation of financial institutions and investment houses was based on how much they innovate, they'd all have gone bankrupt ages ago.
 I seem to remember a point in the past where they released a new version of iOS and OS X at the same time and the resulting downloads caused their servers to fail.  So that would be another good reason to stagger the releases. But, I agree with the general sentiment that Mavericks has felt quite polished for a while now.  So late October is surprising unless there's some extra features they're holding back on.
 ok, and so what of those features is missing in Sony's offering?  The larger image sensor is there.  Fraction of the time remains to be seen.  It depends on what all is done on the lens side vs the phone side.  However, it seems like the phone is purely a viewfinder and so there's no image processing being done on the phone side at all.  Thus, it should take pictures at nearly the same speed as a DSLR.  Especially if it never has to transfer the photos to the phone. I...
 Uh, did you miss the part about it storing the images to a memory card on the lens?  The auto-transfer feature is only to get the pictures to your phone (if you need that). Please, all you pro photographers, enlighten us unwashed masses on how this is not a reasonable DSLR (obviously not for professionals, but for most others)?
 How is it not?  You don't have to attach it to your phone (you can carry it separately or mount it on a tripod), the $499 model has a real (not optical) zoom, it uses high-quality sensors and lenses. The only thing missing really is a good way to grip it when you want both the phone and lens together.  But I have no doubt accessory makers aren't far behind with a proper handheld mounting bracket.
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