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 Maybe you can explain the process of how one would go after a small, likely government-sponsored company in China? While I don't think the blame solely rests with the retailer, there needs to be some regulation in place which ensures that devices which have the potential to illegally harvest information from buyers without their consent never make it onto store shelves.  And the penalty for violating the regulation would apply to anyone who had a hand in bringing it into...
 And figuring out how to avoid them again, and figuring out how to avoid them again... I've played this game over the years with all sorts of data harvesters: you get on their lists by signing up for an account somewhere, they automatically opt you in for everything, requiring you to spend time trying to find the way(s) to opt out, only to have them add/change their opt-in options and automatically opt you in again. These days I sign up for as few online accounts as...
I don't know about Chrome's excuse since it's a relatively new app, but for an older app I work on, there are a ton of things in the OS X SDK that aren't available for 64-bit (and the replacement functionality is non-trivial to port your app to). One example is advanced text layout: some things you could do with ATSUI aren't easy to recreate with CoreText.  And users tend to get angry if you break the text layouts they've spent a lot of time on.  This is something I'm sure...
 Apple is very good about only releasing things when they're well conceived and ready.  Just like the iOS SDK became more powerful and took advantage of new technologies in each iteration, so will the Watch SDK.
Oh, sorry, I thought you were being sarcastic about the fact that iOS apps may not be able to do low-level Bluetooth packet sniffing due to sandboxing restrictions (thus promoting Android).  There's so much FUD being spread around these days by young technical elitists whose ignorance about the history of the technology their beloved Android is built on is staggering.
But it's hard to resist when some people's data smells so nice.
 I'd imagine that the Android developer community invented packet sniffing.  How far back do you want to go with this pointless techno-elitist nonsense?
I was just about to post the same thing.  Another question: will it also work with Mac? So basically, they need to support a myriad of Android devices connecting with a myriad of PCs with various capabilities and Windows versions, as well as Macs.  What could go wrong?
 I think some people just need to be against the top company in any industry -- trying to set themselves apart from the masses or something.  I mean, yeah sure, there are plenty of people who buy Apple products to be fashionistas.  The same people who buy a Louis Vitton handbag and whatnot -- mindlessly buying expensive items to show off and brag.  So this does create a certain level of animosity towards all Apple customers. However, if you're a technically minded person...
 Wow, talk about full-circle.  I was just looking up the history of SGI (and the MIPS architecture) and had no idea Imagination was involved with it now.  Makes perfect sense that with the modern mobile incarnation of CPU+GPU on the same die, we'd be revisiting MIPS. Very interesting indeed.  Thanks for the info.
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