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 Yeah, I believe a lot of the hacked-for-Mac graphics card firmware was coming out the OSx86 community.
 But I thought you said that such activities were illegal?  If so, then Apple is hiring criminals, regardless of whether or not it's their own products. And here we've encountered the point where you've realized your arguments are falling apart, and are resorting to insults in a desperate attempt to "cling to what you know" (linking back to my discussion on people's reactions to the unfamiliar/uncomfortable).
 Then I guess Apple must be criminal, unethical, and dumb too for hiring people who hack their products: http://www.quickpwn.com/2011/08/apple-hires-jailbreak-developer-comex.htmlhttp://www.electronista.com/articles/11/09/16/apple.courts.iphone.dev.team.member/ You clearly have very little knowledge of the history of technology and how the tech industry works, and simply want judge the world based on your limited black and white view of it.  So there's little more for me...
 No.  They're the ones who want easy access to every component in their computer so they can replace/customize everything on a whim to ensure they maintain bragging rights for the fastest gaming rig on the planet.  As well as wanting a multitude of ways to reconfigure/skin OS X/iOS to show everyone how elite they are.  Do you even know anyone who does authorized service for Apple?  I'm fairly certain that for the vast majority of large/complex repairs, Apple just gives a...
 No, I wouldn't hire a Hackintosh user either.  But I might hire a Hackintosh creator (i.e. someone who worked on the OSx86 project) as long as they aren't involved in the sale/distribution of such systems (i.e. the truly illegal activities).  Someone who has spent countless hours learning things like how the EFI on Macs differs from that of PCs, how the hardware ID on a Mac works, etc.  Because I find that someone who has that level of curiosity about the inner workings...
 And sorry, I didn't mean to be so curt about your post -- just a little busy atm.  I do enjoy the great stories from that era which you bring to the forum.  I remember well the Trash-80, though I owned Commodore machines around that time period (Vic 20 and later the C64).  However, I've never heard of the North Star… I'll have to look that one up (EDIT: looks like they had great camaraderie there).
 Agreed.  RAID 10 with proper disk diversity is definitely more reliable than no RAID or RAID 5.  Same number of reads and writes (or less) on all disks as no RAID.  Hence, no decreased average disk lifespan + decreased average time between multiple drive failures (as RAID 5 has).  While still allowing for one or more drives to fail (same as RAID 5).  It's all a matter of reducing the probability of catastrophic failure (whatever that is for a given RAID setup).
 I agree, which is why I added the "not necessarily so" (both in doing it and having your perspective changed, or in not doing it and never being able to get the same effect). There are many ways to bring your mind into a state where it's open to seeing things from a different perspective.  I'd add spending time a country where the culture and language are far different from your own to that list (doesn't have to be India -- I personally experienced it when I was in...
 I don't recall ever stating that all investors are scumbag profiteers.  I know very well that Markkula helped set the Steves on the right path.  It takes the right people on both sides to make a successful business. However, one only needs to look at the case of Psystar to see an example which proves my point: scumbag investors trying to profit from the tinkerings of the Hackintosh community at the expense of Apple.
 Haters gotta find something to hate about. Because, as we know, every non-Apple laptop buyer pulls apart their laptop regularly and upgrades all the components.  In fact, I've already started changing the way I design technology because everyone in the world has become a computer hardware genius with infinite amounts of time on their hands. /s
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