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 And how would the damages be measured exactly?  If the jury can barely comprehend numbers, how would they begin to comprehend Google's business model with Android?
 Did you even read the Tipping Point site?  Or do you simply believe that any money used to fight poverty is a freebie?
 And not just IQ (which is a controversial measure of intelligence anyways) -- factor in people with disorders like schizophrenia, bi-polar, autism, dementia, etc.
The sheer simplicity with which people think about and paint the world in this thread is astounding.  I'll throw out one complication for those people to ponder on:   Many people living in poverty have a mental illness or similar condition which makes it difficult for them to get and/or hold a job.  Shipping them away somewhere else won't change that, and it'll likely make it more difficult for them to get the help they need.  Large cities typically have better health...
 And ^this is exactly where most software engineers can't see the forest from the trees. If you reduce any product down to it's smallest parts, it becomes very fuzzy what is actually protectable by a manufacturer.  However, there certainly are things which make a product "unique" in the minds of the people who use them.  They are small details, but they are important. Most of the time it's in the design details -- the way a particular car body is shaped, for example.  So...
Anyone suggesting Vegas for WWDC clearly doesn't know Apple.  Only Federighi's hair would make sense in Vegas.
Sad that the inbreeding has gotten so bad they even copy each others' jokes.
 The initial set of Samsung's capacitive touchscreen phones which came out shortly after the iPhone were pretty much knockoffs.  It's only after losing a patent suit and a few more years to finally come up with their own designs, that they now wouldn't be considered as such.  This is mostly what Jony is referring to.
 So you don't know anyone who owns a Samsung phone?  Because all that money should go to Samsung's poor investors instead?  At least Jony actually puts in hours at a job creating things of value.
 Exactly.  I don't doubt that others would have created similar style phones in time, but whether that style of phone would have become as dominant as it has without having the blueprint of the iPhone (and iOS) is the point. As many have pointed out, the LG Prada may have looked like an iPhone, but it certainly didn't function like one.  Only those who don't pay attention to the details would see otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: