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I was going to say the same thing.  USB has never been a well-designed spec, but it caught on because it was cheaper than other connectors (and "good enough" for consumer devices). I'm guessing that USB 3.1 is actually Thunderbolt 3 simplified since there's no reason to have 2 specs now that both standards can support consumer and pro devices (the main distinction between USB and Firewire/Thunderbolt in the past).
So why not rollout the device with 3rd party app support (i.e. console functionality) but without the TV service?  Then if/when content providers get on-board, iterate on the hardware (or deliver the functionality via a software update if possible).  Since when does Apple wait for anyone?
 Then there'd be no holdup in the rollout for that type of system (other than technical issues).  These negotiations make it sound like something different.
 But this isn't like the general app store: the only developers who are going to be involved here are the ones contracted by the content providers (likely with the help of Apple) to create channels for their content.  And if the content providers aren't on board, then it doesn't matter.
I simply don't have the desire to argue with people who think that a quick glance down/up at something (and your windshield is still in your peripheral vision) is the same as interacting with a device which requires concentration to see what's on the screen and tap the right spot (potentially multiple times).  The proof is in the accident rate increase due to phone/device usage while driving. But I'm sure many people will waste money on lawsuits which argue every letter of...
 No, I fully understand that you're taking things to an absurd end to try and prove a point.  The trouble is that I see so much stupidity in the world nowadays that I don't even want to put such ideas out there for fear that they'll become something that some people accept as fact and use in lawsuits (this is where the sarcasm is truly lost).  Yes, I've seen those.  I assumed that it's either the passenger in the cop car using them, or the driver only used them when...
And here we go with the legal analysis/loophole finding which is the heart of wasting money in the legal system.  Common sense just doesn't apply anymore -- everyone would rather waste time & money over mental exercises like this.
 My car is actually almost 5 years old now, and worth far less than $40k (probably around half that).  It's possible to get cars which have these types of controls for a reasonable price.  Even the bargain car brands have them as options nowadays.
 Again, I can control all of those using my steering wheel quite easily without taking my eyes off the road.  My car also has voice commands which can do those things.  This is the reason why I bought a modern car. As for checking my child, I use the rear view mirror.  Which, technically is taking my eyes off the road, but since it's at the top of my windshield, I still can see things happening on the road.  If there's something which needs to be dealt with for my child, I...
Nope, my steering wheel control and Siri work just fine.  And yes, I would love to be able to elect people who make the legal system more efficient.
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