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 The fundamental problem is: strong encryption that can't be broken by law enforcement exists.  So even if Apple adds a back door to iPhones, the people who really want to hide something can simply use different technology.  So it's not actually going to help catch terrorists at all -- only dumb petty criminals at most.
Right.  Because they couldn't just use another brand of phone or a custom app that uses different encryption if Apple allowed this.
 Right, and I believe that was a big part of Apple's early marketing strategy: get their computers into schools so that it would become many people's first experience with a computer.  Assuming that would build fond memories (again an emotional connection of some sort) or that people wouldn't bother to compare with other types of computers.
 As someone who works in technology, it'd be my dream to have everyone choose products based solely on the quality of the product.  Unfortunately the real world doesn't work that way.  People tend to want to be glad-handed (e.g. salesmen who push products from companies that give them kickbacks) or emotionally convinced in some way (e.g. a celebrity they feel a connection with endorses it, they have a personal relationship with a salesman, a friend recommended it, etc)....
 Did someone hack your account Apple ][? I've always seen you as someone who wants Apple stock to go up no matter what it takes, and who's willing to argue in favour of things like manufacturing in countries with questionable labour laws and environmental regulations if it leads to lower manufacturing costs/increased profits (and yes, I realize that everyone in the industry does this).  But now you're taking a stand on Apple using celebrities to promote a product when it...
Reminds me of the days when bad/corrupt fonts would prevent a Mac from booting up.
 And not everyone is willing to learn
Mainly to the person using one and ignorantly obstructing the view of everyone behind them. And I can only imagine what a crowd of 5000 people with a bunch of selfie sticks would be like...
 But in this case, the image in question is just using a similar style.  One which has been used by plenty of artists before Britto.  If the underlying image being created was the same (or close to) one by Britto that I don't know about, then I'd say he has a case.  But if it's just based on the style, then I don't think he'll win.
 You seriously couldn't hear the similarities between Got To Give It Up and Blurred Lines?  That one was a no brainer for me, but this one is a stretch for sure.
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