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 Well, it does have a certain appeal to the straight single male crowd...
 I'd imagine you'd need an after-market solution to get it in older models.  I got the nav/phone system option with mine, but I highly doubt it'd ever be upgradable to CarPlay.  Would likely need to rip it out and install a whole new unit.
 Seems bizarre they wouldn't do it as well since they're so closely tied with Audi.  I'll likely be in the market for a new car in 2016, and if VW hasn't announced anything by then, I'll go with an Audi.  My TDI is mostly Audi parts under the hood anyways.
 Agreed.  By planning a city such that just about everything is within walking distance, you eliminate a huge part of the carbon footprint.  Plus it has heath benefits too.  Also, by having a smaller living space, you require a fraction of the heating/cooling that a large house would.  No yard maintenance either.  I'd be willing to bet that the carbon footprint of the average New Yorker is far smaller than most places in the developed world.
 4. Actually care about technology itself and who is designing it right, making it easy to use for everyone, and making people's lives better through it.  Ignore what people who are mainly interested in market share/market capitalization/the word on the street/rumour mill/online buzz think. Obviously a publicly traded company needs some measure to assign a valuation to it.  Business metrics are fine, they're just not my area of interest.  However, when the people who are...
 And I'm sure we could keep tracing it all the way back to ideas and algorithms developed in the 1960s.  However, the point of the discussion was that Android L was moving away from iOS, and I was listing the ways in which I feel it isn't.
 I dunno.  When I read the summary of Android L, these things stuck out to me as being very much like iOS: Perhaps they've taken animations further, but the sliding animation effect when navigating screens in an app has been a staple of iOS since the beginning.  And iOS 7 also added an extra fade effect to transitions as well. A variant of what iOS 7 did with the translucent blur effect so that the user interface takes on the colour of whatever background image you have...
 Apple is definitely doomed then
 Not sure about the newer models, but on my 2010 MBP, the fans are actually completely blocked until you open the lid.  So running it closed would be an overheating problem waiting to happen.
I agree with Apple ][: most people don't understand life in an old (old by North American standards anyways), high population density city with high humidity.  There just isn't enough space for everyone to have a bunch of large appliances like laundry machines in old buildings (because they were designed in an era where such appliances didn't exist).  Heck, there isn't even the infrastructure (high capacity water lines and hot water tanks).   Toronto is similar in a lot...
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