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 Why does Microsoft Lync for Mac crash incessantly?  Or show scrambled video when doing video conferencing?  Microsoft apps will always be better on Windows and Apple apps will always be better on OS X because that's where their focus is (and where they make the most money).  In an alternate world where companies had infinite resources and didn't have to prioritize development effort based on return on investment, things might be different.  But we don't live in that world.
Yeah, I'm just trying to be efficient about it (can't imagine trying to upgrade a whole office full of Macs via the App Store). While I'm waiting for it (and Xcode 7) to download, I'll hunt around to see if the App Store saves an installer somewhere that I can make a copy of it. Edit: Found it
Does anyone know of a direct download link for the iTunes update?  Don't want to have to download it on 5 different computers.
Right, because everyone needs to understand all of the technical details of how downloads work before they do it. /s  Just like everyone should understand all of the details of how the engine in their car works before they turn the key in the ignition, or understand the details of how electricity flows before turning on a light. This is why a lot of people have a distaste for technology: when faced with a problem, those who understand it simply act arrogant and revel in...
Not usually, no.  I actually thought that the lottery was just for a chance to get it ahead of time, but you'd still have to pay full price.  Like they did with the  Watch.  Nice little surprise.
Tried out the similar 3D/Force Touch features in the OS X El Capitan GM today using my MacBook Pro (with Force Touch trackpad) and it works really well.  Looking forward to seeing it on an iPhone.
Given that you can install updates over-the-air, sync calendar/contacts/photos/music/playlists/documents through iCloud, and get apps/music/movies/TV shows through the online store, there's not really much you need iTunes for anymore.  The only thing I use it for is local backups to avoid having to pay extra for iCloud storage.  But now that you can get 50GB for $1/month, I'll probably start using iCloud backups too.
 Assets isn't an action, it's a view of a particular set of data.  So I wouldn't put something like that in a toolbar, but instead in a list of views the user can choose.  I'd also put filters and history in that same list.  Those all sound like things which require their own view. Export is very similar to share, so you could probably use an icon like the one used for share sheets in OS X (document with an arrow out) and people would understand it. As for Edit, I'd need...
 How about using an icon which people are familiar with or clearly conveys the concept?  As a bonus, you don't have to translate all of those hover tips into dozens of languages later (or end up excluding international users because you didn't).  As an added bonus, now your website/app can be made to work on touchscreen devices more easily. And if you have a destructive document editing or file manipulation application which doesn't support undo in this day and age, I'd...
New Posts  All Forums: