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 Hover effects and/or features you can only discover by hovering the mouse cursor over various things has to be the single worst UI paradigm ever created.  I hope it never comes to iOS where intuitiveness and discoverability are paramount.
 Because having a cartel of wealthy, state-connected families who genuinely do nothing and simply collect the "taxes" from state-sponsored technology companies which repackage open source software inside knock-off cases for customers who only care about cheap is a better alternative?
I can accept that for personal websites.  However, when it's a paid, commercial, web-based product, the web developers need to ensure it's tested on all major browsers.
Safari on PC?  It's been unsupported for a couple of years now. I personally use Firefox on PC (with iCloud bookmark syncing), Safari on OS X, and Mobile Safari on iOS.  I do have Firefox installed on OS X for the rare cases where something doesn't work right in Safari (and I can't avoid it).  Still seem to be the odd group of web developers out there who don't test with Safari for some reason.
If it's a retina display (which this new 21.5" 4K display would be), there are options to scale the entire user-interface under  -> System Preferences... -> Displays
 Google has convinced people that software and hardware is worth nothing with their business model.  As someone trying to make a living off of creating technology and selling it as a product in it's own right, and has no interest in being involved in the advertising industry (or commoditizing user data), I simply don't want to support this model.  Apple is doing the same and I applaud them for it. The TV/entertainment industry is finally starting to go in the other...
 I'll one up you and say that Apple is going to not only register a religion but also declare their own state in Cupertino (hence the new campus).
 I'm astounded no one came up with such a simple and intuitive means of watch control until then.  Truly on another plane of thinking Samsung is.
And what you're saying is, if I have an audio mixing board with a big knob that controls the volume on the face, and a small knob that controls the volume on the side, they are nothing like each other.
 I'm trying to understand how rotating a round object that's facing you in order to cycle through items is hardly similar to/nothing like rotating a smaller round object that's perpendicular to you in order to do the same.  The only differences are the angle and size of the object you're rotating. I'm not saying that Apple has any reason to sue over this since, as you pointed out, there's nothing really new here.  I'm just saying that it's essentially the same style of...
New Posts  All Forums: