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 I guess I'm from the generation that's used to watching movies on a large screen TV.  So, for me, the Mini is about as small as I want to go for watching movies on the go.  I don't understand how someone can really get into an action movie or sporting event on a phone-sized screen, but to each their own.
 I've never owned a device with TouchID, so I'm still very used to using a 4-digit code.  I've entered it so many times that I can literally do it subconsciously at this point.  Would it be more convenient to have TouchID?  Sure.  But $100 is steep premium for a few milliseconds of time saved.  Especially on a device that I don't use as often as my phone.  And I maybe buy something from the App Store or iTunes once every 4 or 5 days on average.  So again, $100 is a steep...
 Count me in that group.  TouchID is a feature worth paying a premium for on a phone (or watch) when it's combined with Apple Pay for mobile payments.  But not on an iPad where it's mostly used to make unlocking a bit more convenient. As for getting rid of the Mini -- I personally find that I reach for my Mini far more often than my iPad 3 when I need to take a device out for watching or extended browsing.  The size is far more convenient to carry around.  However, I have...
You'd be amazed at the lengths people will go to try and extend their lives when faced with terminal illness. I doubt any health care plan would cover flying people to the top clinics in the world to have cutting edge procedures done.
 The only concern here is to ensure the VM you're using fully supports it.  I know VMWare and Parallels work pretty quickly to support new OSes, but that doesn't mean Apple won't break compatibility with an update.  It is a beta OS after all.
There are plenty of options which don't require having 2 Macs.  I personally have the developer beta installed on a high speed USB 3.0 flash drive and just boot back and forth.
 If the parents who need to illegally park footsteps from the door of the school near my place (blocking traffic), when they could legally park 1/2 block away (and not block traffic) is any indication, then yes. I see the same thing at most shopping mall and grocery store entrances (illegal parking just so people don't have to walk).  Then these same people will spend ridiculous amounts of money on gym memberships and/or their entire life's savings on health care when they...
But that was for a developer beta.  This is a public beta with a much wider (and less technical) audience.  I'm fairly certain that they'll allow you to downgrade.
 The big problem for the average person is the apps they use.  There are plenty that don't work properly with the developer beta of El Capitan, and that likely won't be any different with the public betas.  So people need to understand that they shouldn't install the beta on a machine where they need to do day-to-day work.
 Moreover, it's not like needing to own and carry a gun is part of one's genetics from birth.
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