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 Nice attempt to spin this.  You should read the full blog post first to understand the worst part about the information being leaked:  The password for your Keychain can only be changed from an authorized device (not a publicly accessible URL).
 If you read the blog post, it looks like they're still using the insecure format as default if you set it up on OS X:  So it's not really as legacy as they're leading people to believe.
Seriously.  As a security-related company you need to have one guiding principal be highest priority: keep information secure.  If you sacrifice that for anything else, you're dead in the water.
I love when non-technical people keep bringing up these talking points over and over again.  Do the Amazon and Roku boxes support 4K gaming?  Even gamers with very high end, custom-built PCs with top of the line graphics cards don't run most games at 4K because the frame rates drop significantly. Anyone can do video at 4K because the decoding and displaying of video frames is all done in hardware.  Gaming at 4K is a much more difficult problem because you need to transfer...
Lipstick on a pig
 I was only kidding.  45rpm 12" EPs are definitely the best quality sound -- especially with heavy vinyl (180 gram).  I was thinking of those 7" 45 singles, which are terrible sounding (but classic).  But anyways, there was another point (as polymnia just mentioned) and we're getting off topic...
 I'm personally better served by the sound quality offered by 33 1/3 rpm 
 Agreed.  I also find myself going through and testing all of the offline songs I've added before I go out just to make sure, which shouldn't be necessary.
 See my post above.  Please tell me: what is this use case for the average user where they're doing a ton of disk I/O?  If you're doing that, you're likely someone who understands that they need to upgrade to a Fusion drive or an SSD.
I was just about to respond to the original poster, but this captures it. People who understand and care about specs will upgrade to a Fusion drive.  The rest won't even notice.  Unless you're working with large videos or a ton of files, the difference is negligible.  Especially given that many people are just storing their photos in iCloud (photo libraries are the biggest source of files for most people).
New Posts  All Forums: