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 It's really convenient to have music at your fingertips as opposed to digging through a large collection to find what you need.  I have about 2500 vinyl records and recently got rid of about 700 CDs after ripping them at high quality.  It's so much more convenient to be able to just run a quick search or have a playlist and stream it to your exact location in the house (or multiple locations you'll be moving through) than digging through physical media and loading it into...
I've used Sonos for music streaming in my home since well before Apple had Airplay and Home Sharing.  Rock solid and fast with a 25K song library, works with almost every online streaming service as well as things like Soundcloud, and it's only a one time cost for the boxes as opposed to a monthly fee (which I prefer).  And no, I don't work for Sonos -- just a very satisfied customer.
Best way is still to have a SIM-unlocked device and buy a local SIM card wherever you travel.  The local plans are generally cheaper than these.
It appears to be so currently.  When you try to connect to Beats 1 via a web link (I Airdrop shared a link from my iPhone to my iMac), it says you need to update to an iTunes version which doesn't exist yet (but presumably is coming soon).
 I think Apple is targeting people who are more open-minded to music than those who would simply listen for 10 seconds and dismiss because it doesn't fit what they've been programmed to listen to.  There's plenty of pop music stations for those people.
Knee jerk react much?  It hadn't started, and Brian Eno is a fantastic artist with a rich history of music with widely varying styles.  It's on now, with more "party-like" tunes.  But it really doesn't seem like you're in a party mood anyways.  Sounds like your mood would match better with death metal (random ranting over chugging guitars).
 Very similar to my experience with Java around that same time.  I had been learning OO programming with C++, and Java was such a breath of fresh air: No weird template syntax to figure out: everything is an object that can be put into a container APIs with names that read like natural language (prose) instead of something a machine would generate.  For example, a container class has a function like "container.contains(item)" rather than C++'s equivalent:...
Except for weirdness like whether to use "==" or "===" to compare things.  Or how to check if something is uninitialized/null/empty.  Given both options, I'd choose Swift personally -- less baggage and complication.
This thread just goes to show that there is no "silver bullet" when it comes to education (in any field).  No one-size-fits-all way to teach and inspire someone.   For myself, I'm definitely an applied learner: give me a goal/task and I will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.  I may not do it in the most succinct way, and it may require multiple iterations, but I will end up with the solution.  And I will learn a lot about how to solve it better in the...
For all 6 people who need to edit spreadsheets from their living room couch?
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