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 My biggest annoyance with Xcode these days is the fact that it seems to lose CPU cores over time and the only way to get them back is restarting it.  However, it's leaps and bounds ahead of the vast majority of IDEs.  Visual Studio is the only one I've used that comes close, and even it (being more mature) isn't as easy to use when it comes to doing performance profiling.  Instruments (high level) + dtrace (low level) are best-in-class profiling tools imo.
Still wipes the floor with Android Studio
 Here we go with the Hobbesian social philosophy again.  Is that provable via DNA or other genetic evidence? But anyways, my original point is about whether government officials have some "evil master plan" to steal rights away from individuals in an attempt to secure more power for themselves (as the conspiracy theorists maintain).  When, in reality, I feel most are simply trying to secure their position by pandering to the reactionary will of voters and financial backers...
 Ah, the old "if you aren't with us you're against us" argument.  How about a rational middle ground?
 I just think the whole paranoia culture that has developed around believing that everything the government does is highly calculated is nonsense.  That said, I do feel that mindless passing of regulations which don't actually solve problems needs to be stopped.
 They already tried this in the 90s: declaring that strong encryption is a "weapon" and thus subject to the same export regulations as bombs and whatnot.  I'll let you guess at how well that worked out... (can anyone control the spread of knowledge?)
 Because it's simply not a solution to the problem.  Why should we all give up our privacy for a solution that isn't one?
I think that's giving more credit than is due.  I honestly think it's just public servants who simply don't have a clue when it comes to technology coming up with these laws.
 The fundamental problem is: strong encryption that can't be broken by law enforcement exists.  So even if Apple adds a back door to iPhones, the people who really want to hide something can simply use different technology.  So it's not actually going to help catch terrorists at all -- only dumb petty criminals at most.
Right.  Because they couldn't just use another brand of phone or a custom app that uses different encryption if Apple allowed this.
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